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Batman #37 cover by Mikel Janin

Part 3: Josh Just Reviews Batman #37 Without Anymore Pretense

Batman, Catwoman, Superman, and Lois Lane are going on a double-date at the Gotham Fair. The problem is that it’s superhero night, and only people dressed as superheroes can get in. Where oh where can Bruce Wayne, Selena Kyle, Clark Kent, and Lois get their hands on costumes this time of night? Once more, check […]

Action Comics #993 cover by Dan Jurgens, Trevor Scott, and Hi-Fi

Action Comics #993 Review: The Team-up I Asked For

Superman has used the Flash’s Cosmic Treadmill to return to the moment of Krypton’s destruction. Mr. Oz claims to be Jor-El, Kal-El’s deceased father, who got transported away from Krypton right before his death. Superman needs to know the truth. Upon his arrival, things start seeming wrong very quickly. Booster Gold arrives in the Justice […]

Henry Cavill

Superman Henry Cavill Wields A Chainsaw In Florida

Henry Cavill was being a ‘Super Friend’ this weekend as he headed over to Florida to help out some friends after Hurricane Irma. Cavill posted the below photo showing him standing on precariously standing on a branch while using a chainsaw for the first time. I’m sure the executives over at Warner Bros. are excited […]


Superman #30 Review: Another Reason The Sinestro Comic Should Come Back

Thal Sinestro is the greatest DC Comics villain. I want to make sure you all are aware of that. This issue of Superman finds the Man of Steel possessed by the Yellow Avatar Parallax and on the verge of snapping Sinestro’s neck. The two are brought to Qward, a planet in the Antimatter Universe, by […]

Tom Welling Talks Why Smallville Never Went Full Superman

Kids these days live in a metropolis of DC Comics based tv shows, and will never understand why Smallville was so important to a generation of fans.  There was something special that happened with this CW series, after the ill fated single season of Birds Of Prey, and it helped keep the dream of seeing Superman on […]

Superman #28 Review: A Heartfelt Payment Of Respects

I have yet to review a comic about Superman himself for Bleeding Cool. Actually, even on my own site, I never talked about a Superman-specific comic. It seems as good a time as any to remedy that, especially with the talk around Superman #28. I hadn’t really listened to what it was about before reading […]

New Sky Trailer Shows Superman And Supergirl Teaming Up

As we get closer to the October 10th debut of Supergirl season 2 now on the CW, the network has released this new trailer that shows Superman and his equally powered cousin teaming up for what looks like some kind of space shuttle plunging towards Earth. Nothing like an aerial emergency to bring a family together. […]

Batman V Superman: The Dawn Of Puberty

With the meeting two of DC’s biggest heroes having taken place on the big screen, David Mazouz told IGN that he’d like to see a teen version of Clark Kent appear on Gotham. I think it’d be really cool to have a young Clark Kent on the show. To have a 15-year-old Clark Kent. I […]

When Clark Kent And Steve Trevor Talk Wonder Woman

Today’s Superman comic book bursts straight out of the recent Superman/Wonder Woman. Yes that one. A Superman healed by the gods but made fully mortal. A Superman who has told Wonder Woman that he no longer loves her and a Wonder Woman who doesn’t exactly seem to be on the same page. With this scene […]

Today We Discover Why Lois Lane Did It (Superman #43 SPOILERS)

We learnt on Free Comic Book Day (okay, Bleeding Cool told you a little bit before that) that Lois Lane had outed Superman’s secret identity to the world. And he wasn’t happy. And while we have seen the impact of that across a number of Superman titles… …in the main Superman comic, we’ve still been living […]

And Finally… Clark Kent ‘Identifies As Human’

In recent weeks, there has been a major scandal in the media, as respected journalist among the human community, Clark Kent, was outed by his own newspaper as actually being Kryptonian in genetic origin. While he was brought up alongside humans, his own biological parents were 100% Kryptonian. When asked, Jor-El told this reporter that […]

Lois And Clark Should Have No Romance – John Romita Jr

From a DC PR-arranged interview at CBR with Superman writer and artist Gene Luen Yang and John Romita Jr, the pair have talked about their plans for Superman – and for Lois Lane. There’s no mention of whether the Bleeding Cool theory may or may not be correct. But John Romita Jr just, basically, went […]

The Article Lois Wrote Outing Clark Kent As Superman

This is being given out in certain comic book stores. But it’s always useful to have to on the record somewhere. The supposed article that Lois Lane wrote that outed Superman. Expect the full story to be revealed in the first art of Truth, out next week (parts 2 and 3 already came out.) @richjohnston @AdamDechanel […]

When Scott Lobdell Foreshadowed The Outing Of Superman

From a review of Superman #26 by Scott Lobdell and Ken Lashley, a year-and-a-bit ago… Clark is dealing with the ramifications of Lois’ rapidly advanced mental capabilities. These abilities were explored in the recent “Psi-War” storyline, and include the revelation that they enabled her to peek into Clark’s mind and discover who he actually is. […]

More On Lois’ Outing Clark, In Today’s Batman/Superman – As Well As Lex Luthor

Bleeding Cool was the first to give you the big plot twist from the current Superman storylinem, Truth. That Lois Lane had outed Clark Kent as Superman, and that the whole world knew. Even Midnighter has heard. Which has had some... interesting results, from this… …to this. Well, in today’s Batman/Superman, we had a conversation […]

What Has DC Comics Done To Lois Lane? FCBD Spoilers

Not that long ago, Lois Lane was a world-leading journalist, happily married to Clark Kent, and she knew his secret identity was Superman. A story that she didn’t run. It was quite the dichotomy. No Edward Snowden, she. The the New 52 reboot happened, and suddenly she was no longer married to Clark Kent. Not […]

The Real Big Spoiler In Today’s Superman #38

At the weekend, Bleeding Cool showed you Superman’s new costume. Yesterday we told you about his new power. Those were the teased and promoted aspects of the issue that most folk were expecting. But there are a few other things about today’s comic by Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. that may have far more […]