civil war ii

Did Secret Empire #1 Sell Less Than Half As Many Copies As Civil War II #1?

Diamond's sales charts hit earlier this week, prompting a sequel to last month's controversy wherein everyone wondered whether DC's Button crossover running through Batman and The Flash actually beat Secret Empire #1 in total unit sales once the lenticular and non-lenticular versions of the DC comics were added together, just as they did last month. […]

How Venommy Are Your Civil War II Crossovers Today?

Civil War II should have been over by now. Which is why there are very few Civil War II crossovers right now. But with a number of issues left to go, the last issue saw Miles Morales coming to terms with his appearance in one of Ulysses visions, murdering Captain America. The desire from Captain […]

Totally Awesome Hulk #9 Preview Spoils Civil War II Trial Verdict

In the last Totally Awesome Hulk #8 by Greg Pak and Alan Davis, we saw a cured Bruce Banner at peace. The Hulk had gone. It was a different story in Civil War II #3 though. And we were told, contradictorily, that Bruce Banner had been doing other things to keep the Hulk away, rather than transfer […]

Today, In Captain Marvel, Civil War II Does Watchmen

It's not just DC Rebirth that is doing Watchmen. Or even, now I think about it, recent issues of The Wicked + The Divine. Of which Kieron Gillen said "For a structurally-Watchmen-y issue, the nod is there… and I did play with making it much more explicit. I tried to make a line akin to […]

Spoiler Swipe File Regarding Civil War II #3

In our mindless speculation regarding the big death in Civil War II #3 was correct (and there is no suggestion from anyone that it is) then could this magazine cover… …be an explanation for this cover to Invincible Iron Man #7? Make Mine Misogyny? Also, if this theory is true, it may give added impetus […]

The 10 Characters You Need To Know For Civil War II

Marvel has released this new video that showcases the 10 characters you need to know going into Civil War. Most of them are pretty well known thanks to the MCU – Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Falcon, and War Machine. The Netflix Daredevil series showed us Kingpin and Agents of SHIELD got folks up to speed […]