Superman Citizenship Question Revisited In Final Action Comics (SPOILERS)

***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS *** I get the feeling there's going to be quite a lot of this kind of thing today. The final Action Comics before the DC Comics relaunch is published today. We get the big end to the Return Of The Doomsdays plot, and it doesn't end well, as the […]

Cover To Action Comics #1, Superman In Jeans And An American Citizen Again

From the NY Post, the cover to Action Comics #1 by Rags Morales, shipping from DC in September. Grant Morrison is quoted as saying "We felt it was time for the big adventures of a 21st-century Paul Bunyan who fights for the weak and downtrodden against bullies of all kinds, from robot invaders and crime […]