A Comic Show – Night Owls, Now With Added With Echo

Aaron and Tom from A Comic Shop in Florida look through the week’s comics. From their own personal bat cave, in preparation… and here’s Uncanny X-Force, Avengers Vs X-Men, Avengers, Wolverine And The X-Men, Batman, Nightwing, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Cinderella and the Free Comic Book Day DC spread… [youtube][/youtube] And here’s Flashpoint video they’re […]

Disney Want Mark Romanek To Direct Their Cinderella Film – But Who Wouldn’t?

Disney last year purchased a pitch from Aline Brosh McKenna, screenwriter of The Devil Wears Prada and currently at work adapting Royden Lepp’s Rust, for a new take on Cinderella. In her version, Prince Charming has his own hurdle to the happy ever after, having been set up for an arranged marriage. Interesting move. According […]

Disney’s Cinderella To Go Head to Head with Kate Middleton

Kate Atherton writes for Bleeding Cool: There is a lot more to the Royal Wedding than tea towels, mugs and stamps,* it provides that once in a generation opportunity to find your inner princess. Now, thanks to Disney, you can spend that long holiday weekend at the end of April flicking between Westminster Abbey on […]

A Comic Show – How We Learned To Love Comics Again

Aaron and Tri-Force Mike of  A Comic Shop in Oregon, Florida, run through Wednesday’s comics for Bleeding Cool. And as always we are lucky to have them! And they’re loving the Nemesis collection, Wolverine 5.1 (and how the boys knew that The Thing wouldn’t die, you cheaters), Ultimate Captain America, Green Lantern, Flash getting Road […]

A Few February Fables For Your Favour

Thanks to DC Vertigo, we have three Fables comics and three Fables covers shipping in February – Cinderalla: Fables Are Forever #1 by Chrissie Zullo, a preliminary look at Jack Of Fables #50 by Brian Bolland and the cover of Fables #102 by João Ruas.

Mike Allred’s Next Project To Be At Vertigo

Currently, Mike Allred’s work can be seen every week in Wednesday Comics. But what’s next? He won’t give us a title but he let his fans know that it would be a new Vertigo series, written by sci-fi author Chris Roberson (Clockwork Storybook, Cinderella From Fabletown With Love) and edited by Shelly Bond. Cryptically Mike […]