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“Dark Crystal” The Garthim Master Returns with Chronicle Collectibles

Dark Crystal slightly horrified me as a child. This classic puppet film brought about a new way of cinema but all I could see was living puppets ready to haunt my dreams. You can now bring these dreams to life with a new Dark Crystal statue from Chronicle Collectibles. This time skekUng The Garthim Master is ready for […]

“Farscape” Fans Rejoice with the Statue of Moya Coming Soon

“Farscape” Fans Rejoice with the Statue of Moya Coming Soon

Farscape fans can spend their money on something of yet again with the leviathan transport Moya. This special spacecraft is more than just any ordinary spacecraft as it is a living breathing thing. In celebration of Farscape 20th anniversary, Chronicle Collectibles is giving us the ability to own a replica of Moya. It is roughly 14 inches long […]

Star Trek Busts Are Here for You to Discover

Star Trek Busts Are Here for You to Discover from Chronicle Collectibles

Star Trek: Discovery is ready for more exploratory mode and fans are loving it. Nothing says Star Trek like the ships captain nothing really says captains like a 1/2 scale bust. Chronicle Collectibles has announced Anson Mount’s portrayl of Captain Christopher Pike as well as Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Patrick Stewart’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard […]

Conan the Barbarian is Finally Here from Chronicle Collectibles

Conan the Barbarian Is Finally Here from Chronicle Collectibles

Conan the Barbarian figure from Chronicle Collectibles was originally announced back in 2016. Since then he has undergone a massive undertaking to make sure the figure was represented perfectly. Chronicle even made a newly sculpted body for this figure in captures a like this of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I figure will include multiple interchangeable hands and a […]

The Terminator Gets down and Dirty with New Chronicle Collectibles Statue

The Terminator Gets Down and Dirty with Chronicle Collectibles

The Terminator is back with the recent release of Terminator: Dark Fate. I’m glad to see some more Terminator collectibles coming into the framework. This time we will be getting a 1/4 scale statue from Chronicle Collectibles and the statue is limited edition to only 500 units. And it includes a 3-D rendering and sculpted likenesses of Arnold […]

Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Series Announced at NYCC

Replica Helmet Of “The Mandalorian” Coming From EFX Collectibles

A replica helmet from the Star Wars series The Mandalorian is just what we need to satisfy our bounty hunter craving. Recently announced by EFX Collectibles, they will be producing a 1/1 scale replica from the Disney+ series The Mandalorian. Chronicle Collectibles will be partnered with them and will be the official US retailer for this replica […]

Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Series Announced at NYCC

“Jurassic Park” Figures Coming Soon From Chronicle Collectibles

Jurassic Park is a film near and dear to my heart. With the most recent dinosaur release Battle at Big Rock only gets me more hyped for the Jurassic Park franchise. Chronicle Collectibles has opened pre-orders for their upcoming Jurassic Park scale figure set. To have been announced so far, the first being Dr. Alan Grant himself. This […]

Labyrinth Jareth Statue Chronicle 5

Bowie Lives on in New Labyrinth Jareth Statue From Chronicle

David Bowie‘s iconic portrayal of Jareth in the film Labyrinth  is being immortalized in a new high end statue from Chronicle. The statue will have Jareth posed on a throne next to a goblin. The likeness of Bowie is pretty exceptional, and this statue features incredible detail. The hair, the tattered shirt, the boots. They […]

Jurassic Park Sexy Jeff Goldblum Statue Chronicle 1

Sexy Jeff Goldblum Gets a Statue From Chronicle Collectibles

Jeff Goldblum fans, this is the only statue you will ever need. Chronicle Collectibles is putting out a Jurassic Park Dr. Ian Malcolm statue in late 2019. Costing $599.99, the statue is polyresin statue is the first of its kind, and is in the 1/4 scale. Of course, this is based on the part of […]

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Baby Blue Statue 2

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s Adorable Baby Blue Statue Coming From Chronicle

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hits theaters this month, and Chronicle Collectibles is releasing an amazing looking baby version of Blue. The raptor is life-size, 1/1 scale statue that will stand at 37.50 inches tall. The sculpt is amazing, with a fiberglass body and acrylic eyes. And boy do they pop. This is the most adorable […]