Christopher Sebela

A Horrorthology Kickstarter With Justin Jordan, Tradd Moore, Cullen Bunn, Tim Seeley, Tom Taylor, Marguerite Bennett, James Tynion, Valerie D’Orazio And More – Oh And Rachel Deering

You’ll know the names. Mostly mid-level comic creators working for Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, IDW and the likes. But they all have loyal fanbases. And they are all contributing to a new anthology of horror comics, twenty creative teams, two hundred and fifty pages and an introduction from Scott Snyder, funded by Kickstarter. Which […]

A Few Marvel Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes, From Fantastic Four To Ender’s Game

A few Marvel Comics changes…. Christopher Sebela, co-author of issues of Captain Marvel with Kelly Sue DeConnick, will also co-author Fantastic Four #11 with Matt Fraction. They’ve now decided that Astonishing X-Men #66 will be drawn by Amilcar Pinna, instead of the ubiquitous TBA. And Marvel’s Ender’s Game collection is getting a new movie cover […]

Dark Horse’s Ghost Gets An Ongoing…

Joshua Stone reports for Bleeding Cool from the Dark Horse panel… At the Dark Horse panel, It was announced that there will be a new ongoing Ghost series starting in November. It will be co-written by the Captain Marvel team of Kelly Sue DeConnick and Christopher Sebela, and art will be by Dexter Soy. The […]

Review: High Crimes By Christopher Sebela and Ibrahim Moustafa

Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool Everest has a litter problem. It’s one of those facts that you hear and just sticks, something which sounds like a random sentence generator threw out something halfway sensible, only it’s true. Mount Everest, the highest spot on Earth, has a litter problem.  So many people make, or attempt, […]