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Dark Knight Baddie Two-Face Gets an Updated Hot Toys Release

Dark Knight Baddie Two-Face Gets an Updated Hot Toys Release

Dark Knight fans have a new reason to believe in Harvey Dent. As a convention exclusive this year, Hot Toys have produced a new version of their Harvey Dent/Two-Face 1/6th scale figure from Christopher Nolan‘s popular Batman film. This is an update of a previously released figure, with more detail in the new head sculpt, […]

Christopher Nolan’s 2020 Mystery Movie Gains Robert Pattinson, John David Washington

Christopher Nolan has a mystery movie in the works for 2020. We say mystery because there is almost NOTHING known about it other than some casting announcements, which we’ll be sharing with you, dear readers.   According to Collider and Variety, Robert Pattinson (The Lost City of Z) and John David Washington (BlacKkKlansman) have joined […]

Christopher Nolan’s Next Film Coming in Summer 2020

No, we have no idea what the plot might be, who the players are, or even what the title is- but we do hear that Christopher Nolan is working on SOMETHING that will be released on July 17th 2020, in IMAX. This report comes directly from The Hollywood Reporter, who says they’ll update if any additional […]

ABC’s Deception: Jack Cutmore-Scott Talks Cameron, Cooper, and More!

It’s mid-season series premiere time, and ABC is hoping it has a new trick up its sleeve (spoiler: probably won’t be the last magic pun) in action/drama-series-with-a-twist Deception. From the creative minds of writer/executive producer Chris Fedak (Chuck) and executive producers Greg Berlanti, Martin Gero, and Sarah Schechter, Deception takes one of those righteously cool concepts […]

8 Best Picture-Inspired Cocktails for Your Oscars Party Menu

Themed cocktails are all the rage on social media, and we thought maybe an Oscars list of adult beverages based on Best Picture nominated films would be perfect for the 90th Annual Academy Awards. Even though the easily found “2018 Oscars Drinking Game” results are disappointing, we’re hoping maybe one or three themed drinks might […]

The Christopher Nolan 4K Box Set Is Unreal, In The Best Ways

Director Christopher Nolan is a perfectionist, and the majority of his films show this. We recently upgraded our home theater system to a 7.1.2, specifically in order to really appriciate the wide range of things being offered on 4K Ultra HD, like the Warner Brothers Christopher Nolan 4K/Blu Ray box set collection. The 21 disc set contains Nolan’s […]

DGA Announces 2018 Nominations with Some Notable Names

The Directors Guild of America (DGA) announced their crop of 2018 nominees for outstanding directorial achievement this morning, and they’re different than the other award shows thus far. The Golden Globes notably didn’t nominate any women this year, nor did the BAFTAs, but the DGA has. Lady Bird writer and director Greta Gerwig has been nominated […]

Christopher Nolan Films 4k

Christopher Nolan Films, Including The Dark Knight Trilogy, Coming To 4K

Christopher Nolan films are made for 4K Blu-ray. Available December 19th, seven of the acclaimed director’s films will hit the ultra-high definition platform. Each will be available individually and also collected in a huge box set. This will include all three films in his Dark Knight trilogy: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark […]

Christopher Nolan Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan Reveals How Steven Spielberg Helped With Dunkirk

Dunkirk was one of the surprise hits of the summer. Everyone expected it to be good because it’s a Christopher Nolan film, but the movie was both a commercial and critical success. There were a lot of people that helped Nolan create this movie, and during an interview with Variety Nolan talked about one of them and […]

Director List For ‘Bond 25’ Getting Shorter, New Favorite Revealed

The upcoming 25th film in the James Bond franchise is getting closer to naming its director.  The list has been relatively short this time, compared to years past.  Not to mention, there is still an ongoing bidding war for which studio will take control of the brand, too. Last month, it was announced that both […]

Emoji Movie

Atomic Blonde Hits $1.5 Million On Thursday Night, Emoji Movie Has A Little Traction

Variety reports that The Emoji Movie may have been able to scratch together some cash this past Thursday, but Atomic Blonde broke out into the lead regardless — an impressive feat for an R-rated action movie playing against an all-ages animated film. On its opening night, David Leitch‘s Atomic Blonde opened up with a $1.5 million opening night. By contrast, The Emoji Movie made $900,000 on […]

‘Dunkirk’ Review: One Of Christopher Nolan’s Best Films Yet

Dunkirk isn’t perfect, but it is no doubt one of the best movies of Christopher Nolan‘s career and one of the best movies of the year thus far. Director: Christopher Nolan Summary: Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire and France are surrounded by the German army and evacuated during a fierce battle in World […]

Christopher Nolan Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan On Designing Dunkirk Specifically For IMAX

Christopher Nolan has brought us some of the most unique and visually stunning films to hit theaters in the last few decades. Memento, Isomnia, The Prestige, Inception, Interstellar, the Dark Knight trilogy and now Dunkirk just shows that his imagination sees things on a much larger scope than most people. With Dunkirk, he’s filmed the […]

Christopher Nolan Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan Addresses Claims That His Films Are “Emotionless”

If there is a criticism of director Christopher Nolan, it’s that his movies are mind-bending, beautiful, and masterfully edited — but often lack human heart. It’s not an inherently bad thing; it usually works in the context of the stories that Nolan likes to tell, but it does mean that there are moments in his […]

Heath Ledger’s Joker In Script-To-Screen Video From Legendary Pictures

Legendary Pictures has started releasing a series of script-to-screen videos, breaking down important scenes from popular movies along with the actual script. They previously did the cafe scene from Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page, and now they are doing the Penthouse Party scene from the Dark Knight where Heath Ledger‘s Joker crashes the party […]

Two More TV Spots For ‘Dunkirk’ Plus The Running Time

We have two more TV spots for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming World War II epic Dunkirk. There doesn’t appear to be much in the way of new footage but they continue the themes of the previous TV spots. One continues to highlight the ticking clock and the lack of time that these soldiers have left to […]

‘Dunkirk’ Has A New IMAX Poster

Dunkirk is one of those movies that seems like it was made to be shot in IMAX. Director Christopher Nolan is very fond of using IMAX cameras and using them very well. In the case of Dunkirk the IMAX is there to make everything feel like it’s closing in because that’s how it was during […]