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Batgirl #14 Review: The Mad Hatter Holds A Grudge

Batgirl is my favorite superhero. I am partial to Stephanie Brown, but I have more in common with Barbara Gordon. The new Batgirl series, which focuses on a younger Babs, has been great. This issue opens up a new story arc, “Summer of Lies”, where Batgirl and Nightwing are set up for something pretty heinous. […]

The Pride Releases a Call for Artists

As anyone who reads my articles here at Bleeding Cool is probably aware, I am also a comic creator, writing LGBTQ superhero team series, The Pride. The Pride recently enjoyed a massively successful Kickstarter to fund a collection of the first volume of stories, and the first issue was one of ComiXology Submit’s Top 25 […]

Return to Burnside – Batgirl #7 Review

Batgirl #7 sees the titular character return to Burnside, the new region of Gotham that was more hip, young and modern, and was the site of the incredibly well-received re-imagining of Batgirl by Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr. When the DC Rebirth rolled around, it did seem like a nice break that Hope […]

The Top UK Indie Comics Of 2015 – From Porcelain To Pantheon

By Joe Glass I’m gonna start by prefacing this with a little disclaimer: many of these books may not have necessarily been released in 2015, that is just the year I got them and became aware of them. When I am at most UK comic cons it’s to exhibit with my own books, The Pride […]

Closing The Gate After The Butterfly Has Bolted

Alasdair Stuart writes; There’s a rich thread of darkness that runs through a lot of the best English literature about children. Look at the class, and cultural, divies in The Owl Service by Alan Garner or the brutality that stays just of sight in Masefield’s Box of Delights.  Looked at one way, these stories are […]

Selling Comics at Thought Bubble 2013 – Sunday

UK comic creator and journalist P M Buchan gives Bleeding Cool the lowdown on what it was like exhibiting at Thought Bubble in Leeds, covering the breadth of exhibitors, the highs of the parties and the lows of the morning afters. This is the second and final report: [Comic created purely from tears & self-loathing […]

Porcelain’s Book Trailer As Carefully Crafted As The Book

Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool; Porcelain is my favorite book of the year so far. Benjamin Read’s script has the sort of delicate, precise touch that the best, most disturbing, fairy tales have. The central friendship is delicately, touchingly built, the dialogue has some wonderful, subtle jokes and nuances to it and the moments […]

Porcelain Offered By Diamond In July, Thanks To Improper Behaviour

Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool; Porcelain, the first release from Improper Books, has made a hell of an impression since release. Written by Benjamin Read with art by Chris Wildgoose, Andre May and Alexa Rosa and letters by Jim Campbell, it was initially offered for sale through Page 45 and the branches of Travelling […]