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Kirkman and Samnee's Fire Power Gets Prequel OGN Before Series Launch

Kirkman and Samnee’s Fire Power Gets Prequel OGN Before Series Launch

Last month, we told you about Robert Kirkman and Chris Samnee’s upcoming comic book series, Fire Power, launching in May 2020 with colors by Matt Wilson and letters by Rus Wooton. In the headline, we jokingly teased that Fire Power would be an “Iron Fist comic,” a joke that clearly wasn’t funny. We mean, Fire […]

Robert Kirkman, Chris Samnee Launch New Comic Firepower in May

Fire Power: Robert Kirkman, Chris Samnee Launch New Iron Fist Comic at Image in May

After ending both Invincible and Walking Dead, fans of comic book mogul and third most famous person ever born in Kentucky (behind George Clooney and Abraham Lincoln), Robert Kirkman, have been wondering where they will find the next batch of relatable characters they can become attached to before Kirkman heartlessly kills them off in an […]

Comic Book Wins and Losses April 11th, 2018: Sorting Out the New Series’

We’re going to start this installment with a bit of housekeeping for those who, for whatever reason, follow my exploits here on Bleeding Cool. For those not interested, which is completely understandable, you can just start at the list below. I’ve been working on getting into a schedule–practically since I started on here about 10 […]

Captain America #700 cover by Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson

Captain America #700 Review: The Landmark Issue Captain America Deserves

Captain America was made the leader of New America, and the role of leadership over a nation has proven among the most challenging for Steve Rogers. Other countries try to take advantage of the turmoil, and there are remnants of Rampart still fighting in pockets. Bruce Banner and Liang have a potential solution for the […]

Captain America #699 cover by Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson

Captain America #699 Review: Swift Pacing and Classic Cap Feels

Captain America, Liang, and their soldiers have challenged the rule of King Baby’s America, and Cap quickly encounters and old friend and ally: The Incredible Hulk. He has been taken over by King Babbington. Elsewhere, the Things slaves away to keep power on in Babbington’s tower. No, the Hulk and the Thing don’t get to […]

David F. Walker and Chris Samnee Say Goodbye to Marvel

With the May solicitations finally revealed, Marvel’s Fresh Start, at least in the month of May, seems to taste a bit less fresh than it feels like microwaving the same leftovers for the fifth night (or eighth line-wide relaunch) in a row, served on top of some plain white bread. But there are changes in the […]

Captain America #698 cover by Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson

Captain America #698 Review: Fighting For America Once More

Captain America wakes up in an unknown place and time. He quickly discovers that this place has been ravaged and the people who thawed him are a small group of survivors trying to survive in what little remains of the world run by a despotic regime made up of the very rich. This is America, […]

Captain America #697 cover by Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson

Captain America #697 Review: Cap Body Slams a Leopard in it

Captain America is kidnapped by Kraven the Hunter for a superhero-themed recreation of Richard Connell’s The Most Dangerous Game. To motivate the Captain to participate, Kraven has also kidnapped a hapless civilian for Steve to save. The setup is simple: make it to the end and survive. Falter and Captain America and the man die. […]

marvel comics Captain America #696 cover by Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson

Captain America #696: Like Coming Home Again

Captain America arrives in a small North-Georgia town (state represent!) called Sauga River for a bite to eat. He’s immediately recognized, even outside of the costume. The whole town is set alight be the presence of the Sentinel of Liberty, which signals to the new Swordsman that he needs to make his move sooner than […]

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Marvel To Put Captain America Back In The Ice In February

Marvel has been dropping clues about their 2018 plans in a series of increasingly more ridiculous press releases. Yesterday, a press release asked, “Where Is Wolverine And What Is His Shocking Secret?” Today, a press release declares, “Captain America: Back On Ice…The Answer Will Shock You!” The move to clickbait press releases is fitting in […]

Marvel Legacy Captain America #695 Review: What Does Captain America Mean Now?

After the events of Secret Empire, Steve Rogers, aka the original Captain America, is travelling cross-country to rediscover himself and the land he protects. He returns to a town called Burlington in Nebraska. He protected them from an attack by a white supremacist group called Rampart. Now the town is no called “Captain America” and […]

Marvel Legacy

Marvel Legacy #1 Review: Almost Perfect Refresh For The Marvel Universe…Almost

Marvel Legacy #1 from Marvel Comics, written by Jason Aaron and featuring art by Esad Ribic, Steve McNiven, Chris Samnee, Russell Dauterman, Alex Maleev, Ed McGuiness, Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger, Pepe Larraz, Jim Cheung, Daniel Acuna, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Mike Deodato Jr., David Marquez and Matthew Wilson (damn, that’s a lotta dudes), is […]

Marvel Legacy

Marvel Legacy #1 Review: A Lackluster Tease For Upcoming Titles

So, here we are at last. The long-awaited Marvel Legacy #1 is out. I’m going to go ahead and throw a spoiler warning here. Much of this comic has already been spoiled by numerous sources, but the plot itself was even hinted at in the marketing. I mean, the name Marvel Legacy doesn’t indicate any […]

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Waid And Samnee Aim To Make Captain America Great Again For Marvel Legacy

One of the big threats…er, promises behind Marvel Legacy is purportedly showing respect to the storied past of the Marvel Universe and its iconic characters, while also looking to the future. But what if a character’s legacy has been irreparably tarnished? When Captain America returns to Legacy numbering of #695 in November, writer Mark Waid […]

Mark Waid And Chris Samnee To Put Captain America Through Detox For Marvel Legacy?

Last weekend, Bleeding Cool ran some mindless speculation on the future of the Captain America comic book, given that Marvel hadn’t included it in their Old 52 Marvel Legacy list of monthly comics out in October. We suggested that, as Donny Cates had just appeared as co-writer on the latest Captain America: Steve Rogers, he […]

Star Wars Marvel Crossover Gets New Variant Covers

New variant covers have been revealed today for the big Star Wars/Doctor Aphra crossover event in Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel. The whole shebang starts on May 10 with The Screaming Citidel one-shot, which is what these variants are for. I have to admit, it is pretty cool to see Luke Slywalker and Aphra together […]

This Is What A Chris Samnee Black Widow Looks Like

Just in case anyone had forgotten, and just in case we do get a Mark Waid/Chris Samnee relaunch of Black Widow for All-New All-Different Marvel, this is what a Chris Samnee Black Widow looks like. In pretty safe hands, don’t you think?