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Superhero Theme For This Year’s Children In Need Charity Appeal

[youtube][/youtube] The new trailer for this year’s Children In Need telethon charity appeal takes a number of BBC presenters and puts them through the superhero wringer. With Daniel Craig, Helena Bonham Carter, Louis Smith, Paul Hollywood and Abbey Clancy,  Tom Jones has to be the leader, right? Check the website here, for a few ideas… [youtube][/youtube]

A TARDIS That Goes Up To Eleven

It’s Children In Need night on Friday, a big BBC telethon, with lots of TV stuff (including new Doctor Who) and lots of money raising. Tony Lee has a long standing association with the charity and has donated his first signed copy of Doctor Who: A Winter’s End hardcover which has just topped £100 in […]

The Doctor Is Offering You The Shirt Off His Back For Children In Need

There were two special Doctor Who treats for this year’s BBC Children in Need – a trailer for the Christmas Special, and a new minisode, of sorts, in which Eleven stripped down and offered his outfit in order to raise money. You can see the video online at the BBC’s official site. If an embed […]

First Image From The Christmas Doctor Who

Tomorrow night, the first footage from the Christmas Doctor Who will be premiered on the BBC’s Children in Need, alongside a “surprising” new mini-episode. We’ll do our best to bring them to you here as soon as possible but, yes, not to put too fine a point on it, Children in Need supports good causes, […]

Prepare To Be Surprised By The Doctor Who Children In Need Minisode

The official Doctor Who Twitter feed has been buzzing away today feeding us tidbits about the Steven Moffat-penned minisode of Doctor Who written for this Friday’s Children in Need fundraising drive. With three days left before it gets aired, the episode still hasn’t actually been filmed. The scripts were delivered only yesterday and the sets […]