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Apple Lands Rights to New Peanuts Content – So Snoopy’s An iPhone User Now?

It’s Time to Stand in Line For An iPhone, Charlie Brown: Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, and the rest of the Peanuts gang stumble into a series of hijinks and shenanigans while waiting in line overnight for the new iPhone launch at their local Apple store – while Woodstock bonds with his pigeon cousins, while Linus gets […]

Charles Schulz Museum

Charles Schulz Museum Hopes To Reopen In 2 Weeks Following Santa Rosa Fires

When fires burned through parts of Northern California earlier this month, the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center was inside the part of Santa Rosa evacuated for the fires in Sonoma County. The museum, which houses a collection of the Peanuts creator’s art and memorabilia, including tribute art from other cartoonists, was ultimately undamaged by the fire. […]

Home Of Jean And Charles Schulz Destroyed In Santa Rosa Fire

We have an unfortunate update on the damage from the fires burning in Mendocino, Napa, and Sonoma Counties in California this week. On Monday, we noted that the Charles Schulz Museum and Research Center was inside the part of Santa Rosa evacuated for the fires. The museum, which houses a collection of the Peanuts creator’s […]

Charles Schulz Museum Inside Area Of Santa Rosa Evacuated For Massive Fire

A massive fire that has already burned 20,000 acres in Sonoma County, California has prompted the evacuation of parts of the city of Santa Rosa Monday morning. The fire began Sunday Night, and though there are no reported deaths so far, two hospitals have been evacuated in Santa Rosa as residents flee the path of the […]

Peanuts And The President: Obama Writes Forward For 25th Volume

Fantagraphics Books probably jumped for joy when they found out about Obama’s interest in Charles Schulz’ beloved Peanuts. After all, how many publishers can say that the President of the United States wanted to write an introduction for a collected issue. The 25th volume of the Complete Peanuts series will have just that. The series which […]

Blockheads, Snoopy And More In New Peanuts Trailer

A new trailer for The Peanuts Movie has been released. Based on the Charles Schulz comic strip, it features all the favorite characters including good ol’ Charlie Brown. Yes, good ol’ Charlie Brown. How I hate him! Produced by 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios, the film transforms Schulz’s characters into larger than life […]

From Strip To Script – A Peanuts Strip

By Josh Hechinger Welcome to From Strip to Script, where I take a page of finished comic art and try to derive a script from it, to see what I can learn from the exercise. The comic strip format is something I never quiiiiite got the hang of; while it’s frequently formulaic, and I respond […]

Almost A Year Away Fox Releases Trailer For The Peanuts Movie

Well, it’s over a year away still but we have the first trailer for the upcoming The Peanuts Movie from Fox. But it is fun to see Snoopy take on the Red Baron once again. The Peanuts Movie will fly into theaters November 6, 2015 [youtube][/youtube]

First Look At Charlie Brown And Snoopy In The New, CG Peanuts Movie

This is, if nothing else, a rather unusual look. There’s a rather more simple texture to the CG than in many recent movies, and then there’s a very pen-like line style over the top. All things considered, it’s not scary. Peanuts is very precious to me, and I’m hoping for a film that I can […]

The Wild Variations Of Alice In Wonderland To Be Collected By IDW Publishing

No one knows if Lewis Carroll had even a clue how popular his little Alice would become. We see a bevy of interpretation of the character in every medium: film, television, comics and video games. You can’t go anywhere without glimpsing an image of Alice, The Hatter or The Cheshire Cat. But this isn’t just […]

IDW Publishing Makes It In New York – NYCC Recap

IDW the west coast publisher headed east to the New York Comic Con with a bag full of announcements that got people talking. There announcements ranged from new Artist’s Editions, to children’s comics and the return of an anti-hero. Plus they got to announce things with Jack Kirby, Jim Steranko, Charles Schulz, Darwyn Cooke, Dave […]

Jack Kirby, Dave Gibbons And Charles Schulz Get IDW Artist Editions

Here are the official announcements from IDW for not one… not two… but THREE Artist Editions. First Kirby and Gibbons: IDW Publishing will be doing two blockbuster Artist’s Editions produced under license from DC Entertainment. And these offerings are truly blockbusters—Jack Kirby‘s New Gods Artist’s Edition and Dave Gibbons‘ Watchmen Artifact Edition. For the first […]

BC Mag #2: The New Adventures Of Charlie Brown

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Rick Verbanas Created by Charles Schulz, Peanuts was first published in October 1950. At its height in popularity, the comic strip was published in 75 countries, in 21 different languages. Generations of readers were able to read the new adventures of Peanuts for nearly 50 years, until Schultz wrote in […]

Watch And Learn – Charles Schulz Draws Charlie Brown

In this excerpt from the rare, unaired TV documentary, A Boy Named Charlie Brown, Charles Schulz does a little show and tell. He shows you how he would draw young Chuck, and he tells you why the character is so resoundingly relatable. [youtube][/youtube] You can purchase the full documentary on DVD through the Charles Schulz […]

New Peanuts Special, Happiness Is A Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown, Due In March

When last I reported on Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown details were thin on the ground; today, the direct-to-disc Peanuts special has been officially announced. Directors Andy Beall and Frank Molieri have Up, Ratatouille, Spongebob and The Simpsons on their CVs. Charles Schultz’ son Craig is credited as a co-writer on the film, […]