Chad Lewis

Look Inside the Comic Adaptation of Rod Serling's Original Planet of the Apes Script

BOOM! Studios is publishing an adaptation of Rod Serling's original script for the 1968 film Planet of the Apes. The Twilight Zone creator's original screenplay was rewritten by Michael Wilson for what eventually became the movie, but now the first draft will finally see completion, courtesy of writer Dana Gould and artist Chad Lewis. Planet of the Apes: Visionaries hits stores in August, part of […]

Kong: Gods of Skull Island #1 cover by Jeremy Wilson

'Kong: Gods Of Skull Island' #1 Review: All Hail Mighty Kong

An expedition reaches Skull Island, looking for an uninhabited place to "civilize" and resources to mine and profit from. It's led by a man named James Copland, who discovered the island months earlier when his plane went down. They find people who worship a god named Kong, and they run into trouble when they realize […]

The War On Terror – Now Playing In Vegas

Chris Lewis writes for Bleeding Cool: "This needs a rewrite." That was the reaction to the first script from a very popular and well-respected professional in the industry. And it made my heart sink. Too bad I had already hired the soon-to-be household name and always-to-remain nice guy artist Bruno Oliveira. Tough luck that he […]