Dave Sim Sings 'Silver Cerebus'

Dave Sim Sings ‘Silver Cerebus’

Dave Sim is continuing his Cerebus In Hell one-shots into 2020 with Silver Cerebus. And while Dave Sim may not be able to draw much Cerebus yet (though he has been managing a little) and still relies on cut and pasted Cerebus stories, he can at least hold a microphone. Whether or not he can […]

Dave Sim Mashes Up Silvr Surfer and Cerebus for Silver Cerebus

Dave Sim Mashes Up Silver Surfer and Cerebus for The Silver Cerebus

Is anyone getting board of this? Seems not. Another Cerebus In Hell oneshot, taking the etchings of Gustave Dore and slapping cut-and-past Cerebus images over the top, and creating a comic book – in this case a parody of Jack Kirby‘s Silver Surfer. SILVER CEREBUS ONE SHOT DEC191285 (W) Dave Sim (A) Dave Sim, Gustave […]

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Dave Sim Does Cerebus/Star Wars In November’s “Vark Wars”

Dave Sim continues his mashing up of the memory and legacy of what Cerebus once was, with whatever pop culture references he can vaguely recall, and use to try and goose sales for a series of issue one-shots that might, just might, sell slightly more copies than if it was still called Cerebus In Hell. […]

DC Heroes in Crisis Has Some Competition in September From Dave Sim’s Cerebus

Forget about DC Heroes in Crisis! Another Crisis is happening in September, part of Dave Sim’s “every issue is a new number one” Cerberus series. Revealed in the July Previews Catalog for books shipping September, Sim, Benjamin Hobbs, Sandeep Atwal, and Gustave Dore bring you Crisis of Infinite Cerebi, a one-part maxi-series. Check out the cover by […]

Dave Sim Does Superman For Aardvark Comics #1

Every issue a new number one! Dave Sim continues to republish his Cerebus online strips, with new stuff, with each issue parodying a classic comic book and getting a new issue one in the process. A practice first perfected by Evan Dorkin, I believe, for Milk & Cheese back in the day. So Aardvark Comics takes […]

Squishables: Some Of The Best Plushes You Will Ever Get

Squishables have been around for awhile, but they have a unique position here in the US as a company that is making plushes of characters that otherwise would not be made. They are also forward-thinking in that they allow most of their designs to be fan-made. They even offer a service to create your own […]

When Dave Sim Drew Alan Moore As The Ghost Of Marley

Dave Sim is running a Kickstarter for his latest Cerebus Archive selection, Number Four, reprinting original artwork pages of the 300 issue-long fantasy/satire/polemic Cerebus available to him, in publication order, along with a number of bonus prints. Such as this image, created as a commission for Tim W of the Moment of Cerebus blog, showing Alan Moore […]

Thousands Of Copies Of Cerebus To Be Given Away For Free

The warehouse where the back issues of Cerebus, that 300 issue strong comic book masterpiece by Dave Sim and Gerhard, have been stored is closing. So it needs emptying. If you are willing to drive to Leamington, Ontario, you can hang out with Dave Sim and get as many copies of as many issues of Cerebus […]

All Of Cerebus, All For Free, All On Tumblr, All With Permission

Cerebus is one of the greatest comic book works in the history of humanity. Initially a funny animal parody of Conan The Barbarian, it became a comic about politics, religion, life and death. And parodying anything that geek and pop culture was obsessed with along the way. Running for 300 issues, for twenty-five years, it is […]

I Think I Am Going To Have To Organise A Cerebus Exhibition

Recently I showed you what contributors to the Cerebus Archive Kickstarter Fund got for their donation towards Dave Sim‘s remastering of Cerebus from the original art pages where possible,  as well as his own “Artists Edtion” version of Cerebus, recreating the orignal pages, and a number of bonus prints as well. And this is what […]

Dave Sim Admitted Into Hospital For Surgery

Dave Sim signs a lot. A lot. The Kickstarter for Cerebus Archive Three is based in part upon his ability to sign everything. And I’ve demonstrated to you the kind of dedication he showed towards me and others. He also happens to be one f the greatest cartoonists on the planet. Last week, something very wrong […]

Dave Sim’s Cerebus For Brad Pitt, Based On *That* 12 Years A Slave Poster

We’ve been covering officially unofficial, or unofficially official computer animated Cerebus movie in the works, created through investors, volunteers,  projected time of many years to make, with Cerebus creator Dave Sim participating, fully in the knowledge that he could pull the plug at any point. And Brad Pitt being courted not just to play Cerebus. […]

The Look Of The Cerebus Action Figure… Who Wants One?

So George Peter Gatsis has been creating a model for a Cerebus action figure for quite some time now. One of the folks who has been working with Dave Sim on the Cerebus archive, he clearly feels that an extra dimension is in order… As you can see, the figure is fully articulated. And quite […]

Approaching Brad Pitt To Play Cerebus

So, the ongoing saga of the Cerebus CGI animated feature film currently being created, with the co-operation of creator Dave Sim, with the proviso that he is likely not to allow it to be released. Yet people are still putting money into it, spending thousands of hours and hiring the best to work on it. […]

Dave Sim’s Drawings For Antony Buonomo’s Cerebus Movie Titles

He’s still not approving it. And still probably not going to approve it. But Dave Sim has created three new Cerebus images to be finished in watercolours by Joe Rubenstein for the opening titles of the Cerebus animated feature film adaptation, Fractured Destiny, directed by Oliver Simonsen. And the titles will be created by Antony Buonomo, […]

Dave Sim Wants A Woman

Okay, I admit it, that was a click bait headline. But it is absolutely accurate. Dave Sim, creator of one of the greatest comic book works to date, Cerebus, As found himself getting involved with a film adaptation of the comic, despite his best efforts. Oliver Simonsen has been, slowly, directing an animated movie based […]