Cavan Scott

Star Wars Celebration Writers Chicago

Star Wars Celebration Announces Author Guests, Including Timothy Zhan

Star Wars Celebration is only five moths away believe it or not, and the guest list is starting to take shape. A list of authors that will be in attendance has come out, all will be on hand signing books, appearing on panels, and more. While there may be many more announcements, let’s dive into […]

Pacific Rim: Aftermath Cover by Richard Elson

Pacific Rim Aftermath #1 Review: A Gap That Didn’t Need Filling

In the weeks and months following the events of Pacific Rim, the Jaeger pilots have fallen into obscurity. One, Griffin, is now a drifter who works illegally mining and smuggling the remains of dilapidated Jaegers. Unfortunately, he has some competition working for a familiar face — or what is left of a familiar face. Elsewhere, […]

Writing A Doctor Who Comic Just Isn’t Enough For Cavan Scott

There’s a lot of Photoshop involved when creating photo covers for Doctor Who comics. But this one needed a little more. The writer of Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #7, Cavan Scott, has seen his face included on this cover, on the left of Christopher Eccleston, holding the gun to the Doctor’s chest. Damn, I […]

From History Channel To Comic Shops, A Preview Of Titan’s Vikings #1

What may be the History Channel’s most popular series comes to comic shops on Wednesday and we have a preview. Vikings #1 by Cavan Scott and Staz Johnson follows along as Ragnar, Lagertha and their kin sail once more for England. Vikings #1 Writer: Cavan Scott Artist: Staz Johnson Publisher: Titan Comics FC – 32PP […]

New Titan Miniseries Focuses On The Ninth Doctor

From the moment Christopher Eccleston said “Nice to meet your, Rose. Run for your life!” I was hooked on the new Doctor Who. I had been a fan previously having grown up watching John Pertwee, Tom Backer, Peter Davidson and so on… but Eccleston brought an intensity to the character that I absolutely loved. So […]