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Report: ‘Birds of Prey’ May Have Found Their Batgirl

Reports are coming in that the upcoming Birds of Prey live-action film may have found their Batgirl. From Variety, a story saying that ‘newcomer’ Ella Jay Basco has entered into negotiations with Warner Bros. to play Cassandra Cain, the 4th Batgirl. If this is the case, she’ll be joining Margot Robbie who will be reprising her Suicide Squad role of Harley […]

Tomorrow, Cassandra Cain Gets A Brand New Identity…

Cassandra Cain. Daughter of assassins David Cain and Lady Shiva, she’s been Batgirl. She’s been Black Bat. She’s been labelled “toxic” at DC Comics before being revived as an ongoing New 52 character by Scott Snyder in Batman & Robin Eternal. And now? Tomorrow she gets a brand new identity to add to the list, in Batman & […]

Batman And Robin Eternal #13 Gives Cassandra Cain A Brand New Look… (SPOILERS)

Cassandra Cain gets a brand new look in Batman & Robin Eternal #13. A brand new mask. A brand new identity? I may also be something that casual cosplayers might love. It is a little Star Wars: The Force Awakens… A fan favourite character and a previous Batgirl, Cassandra Cain was once dismissed as toxic at DC Comics, […]

Your First Look At The New Cassandra Cain

Posted by on Reddit /r/comicbooks by user ME24601 the cover to Batman & Robin Eternal #3 – the first issue of which is out later today… …and the return of Cassandra Cain, drawn here by Tony S Daniel.    

The DC Comics Character Hiding In Robin, Son Of Batman (SPOILERS)

Okay, the previous one of these looks like a fairly solid definite, This is less so. But we’re going to go with it. So Robin, Son Of Batman #1 came out this week. Featuring this character. The daughter of telekinetic criminal killer, Mogan Ducard, also known as Nobody. Morgan was also the son of the detective who […]

Scott Snyder’s ‘Very Soon’ Plans For Cassandra Cain

As part of Saturday’s #Batchat over on Twitter, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo talked about their work on Batman, past, present and future, Including the fate of a certain Batgirl who has been only fleetingly seen since the New 52… We have very immediate plans for Cass. Not indefinite, like years away plans, (1/2) @Ssnyder1835 […]

Cassandra Cain And Stephanie Brown Back As Batgirl – And Welcome Tiffany!

This week, Batgirl: Futures End #1 is all about the fanservice. In a good way, of course…. Welcome to the League Of Batgirls, from Gail Simone and Javier Garron. And in Gail Simone’s final final issue of the series, she is finally able to give the readers What. They. Want. Which is the introduction of Cassandra Cain […]

Talking To Dan DiDio About Stephanie Brown And Rob Liefeld

At Fan Expo Toronto, Dan DiDio spoke to one of our Little Bleeders at the show. This was before the Gail Simone/Bryan Q Miller Stephanie Brown pitch became common currency online, as well as the Rob Liefeld/Scott Snyder Twitter explosion. And he started asking Dan about the campaign to send waffles to protest the lack […]

Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote! Vote!

It’s voting day today, folks, voting day. The popular tumblr DC Women Kicking Ass has held a month long tournament to decide which DC female character is most “kick ass”. Last year saw Oracle beat Wonder Woman, but it’s a whole different world this year, with Relaunch issues kicking up a whole variety of emotions. […]

Sunday Runaround: Superman Red & Superman Blue. Also: Brilliant

Another big day of C2E2 news from various publisher panels.  Talk of Defenders, Cassandra Cain, Pantsless Vampi (that’d be a good series title, yeah?), and Ghost Rider. Plus a touch of Robocop and other tidbits from the world outside Chicago. Let’s get to it: C2E2 2011: Bendis and Bagley on Their BRILLIANT Creator-Owned Debut The […]