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Extended Trailer For Disney’s Planes: Fire And Rescue

No, it’s not a Pixar movie. It’s Disney. I know a lot of people find it a bit confusing. Cars is Rich’s favourite Pixar film. I prefer Cars 2. Last summer saw the release of Planes, and while it was obviously aimed at the knee-high, I still had a good enough time. The sequel, Fire […]

Michael Caine Video Interview – And An Appropriate Video Mash-Up

Here’s a video of Michael Caine and I discussing Cars 2, his shooting on The Dark Knight Rises and the weather in LA. My first couple of questions were quite tongue in cheek, but Michael’s answers are still interesting and worthwhile, and by the end, we’d gotten into to full, comfortable chat mode. Shame these […]

John Lasseter Video Interview: Cars 2 And Pixar Sequels

There’s no doubt that it was exciting for me to speak to John Lasseter, the top dog at Pixar and, thanks to his shorts and features, one of my very favourite film makers of all. Below you can see the full video of our chat. I decided to ask him a few questions that I […]

Two Kids And Their Slightly Biased Dad Review Cars 2 For Us

Dominic Frisby is an actor, writer, comedian and voice over artist. It was in the last of these guises that he played a part in children’s TV show Roary the Racing Car, giving voice to some stop-motion animated automobiles. He has, then, an inherent bias in reviewing Cars 2. I wouldn’t go so far as […]

Win! See Cars 2 In London, This Sunday, On Us

Cars 2 hits US cinemas this weekend, but the UK roll-out is still a few weeks off, on July 22nd. We can put you in the fast lane, however, as we’ve got tickets to a screening this Sunday morning in Central London – and we want to give them to you. There are four ways […]

See The Poster For Pixar’s Brave, Hear About Its Trailer

Next Summer, Pixar will release Brave, a highlands folk tale about the Princess Merida, and an enchanted bear. The first teaser trailer for the film, as expected, will be screening with Cars 2, and there’s already an early poster for the film. This was snapped by “nomad 2010“, but I found it at Upcoming Pixar. […]

New Cars 2 Promo Has Lots Of Car And Prime Time TV Puns

Get your groan box ready. [youtube][/youtube] I do have a weakness for puns, I have to admit, though some of those were weak enough by themselves already. And I have no idea what the “Leaking” one was about at all. We’ll be giving away some tickets to an early London screening of Cars 2 later this […]

A New Trailer For Cars 2 Takes Us On A Road Trip Around The World

Just a week after the last trailer for Cars 2, which you can see in this Bleeding Cool report, we have another one. While the two are very similar, with special agent Michael Caine setting the scene and winding up less road worthy vehicles, this UK trailer has its eye on the glamour of the […]

New Trailer For Cars 2, Clip, Soundtrack Details And More

This final theatrical trailer for Cars 2 reinvokes the race track milieu of the first film. I thought we’d be more or less completely getting away from this stuff, but maybe this second chapter isn’t as wall-to-wall spy action as I’d thought. [youtube][/youtube] The following clip features toilet humour of a motorised variety. Classical yet […]

Exclusive Cars 2 Concept Art Reveals A Right Royal Round-Up, New TV Spot

Cars 2 is obviously quite the epic, with a massive number of characters, running around on a truly international stage and is reputed to have the biggest and most elaborate action set-pieces in Pixar’s history. It’s an amazing reinvention of the Cars series, taking the characters screeching off in an enitrely new direction. I’m looking […]

Lovely Vintage-Style Cars 2 Posters

These new character posters for Cars 2 showcase a most attractive vintage style. I don’t know if they’ll ever end up printed on paper, but if they do, I’m sure they’ll be making many a geeky wall proud. The release date of June 24 is for the US; we in the UK will be waiting […]

Two New Trailers For Cars 2, Bond-Style Theme Tune Revealed

Both US and UK edits of the new trailer for Pixar’s Cars 2 were released overnight. I saw the UK cut on the big screen before Winnie the Pooh on Sunday (I’m under embargo, sorry) and it looked as dazzling and polished as you’d expect. There appears to be a Bond-style opening sequence with spy […]

New Cars 2 TV Spot From The Daytona 500

Cough cough, splutter splutter, etc. If laughter is the best medicine, then maybe this new Cars 2 TV spot will do me some good? [youtube][/youtube]

Michael Caine Comes Bumper To Bumper With Cars 2 Identity

“You were only supposed to paint the bloody doors on!” Michael Caine there, posing with a life-size and toy-size version of the spy car character Finn McMissile, the character he portrays in Cars 2. Other toys on display by Disney include this Lightning McQueen Alive concoction. [youtube][/youtube] And there’s a whole host of other toys […]

Two New Images From Cars 2, More Plot Details

Disney are currently issuing a weekly release of Cars 2 material, but most of it has been of limited interest so far – I’m waiting for more details on the new characters, not just fresh renders of the old ones. Two new images have turned up, however, that show actual scenes from the film, and […]

More On The Incredibles Blu-Ray Including Artwork

I already brought you the first details of what will be on the Blu-ray of The Incredibles this spring. Now it’s time for more info, some cover art, some release dates, all of that bric a brac. As well as the new features, as I detailed in the previous story, it has now been confirmed […]

More Details On The Next Toy Story Film

Courtesy of a product listing at Amazon, we now have more information on the Toy Story film due to hit cinemas in the summer alongside Cars 2. Here’s how the tie-in book is described: Bonnie is off to Hawaii, and Barbie and Ken are excited to go along on their first tropical vacation! But when […]

Next Toy Story Film From Pixar Is A Ken And Barbie Story

We already knew that the Toy Story story is over but not really over. While chapter 3 appears to have closed the book quite conclusively on the the feature film franchise, a series of spin-off shorts have been announced for the next few years. The first of these, it has been confirmed, will be attached to […]