Love Yourself With These 5 Films on Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day, a contrived holiday for couples who spend quality time together like it’s an anniversary, is superficial and arrogant annual tradition. The problem is how unlike other super commercialized holidays like Christmas, Easter and Halloween, it’s shamefully exclusionary. The holiday is meaningless to singles, no matter the mood. They either become more depressed than […]

Carrie (2013) is Jean Grey Meets The Bride with White Hair

After the 1976 Brian DePalma film, after Carrie 2 and the 2002 TV reboot, the Castle gang come to the latest and final film in our Carrie retrospective: Carrie (2013) starring Chloe Grace Moretz. The difference here (besides a very believable performance by Portia Doubleday as the conniving Chris) is that this Carrie comes across […]

carrie 2002

Castle of Horror: Carrie (2002) Almost Became a Strange Carrie TV Series

We talk about the 2002 Carrie starring May‘s Angela Bettis, in a version of Carrie that also acts as a strange pilot for a TV series that never was. Listen here: Listen on YouTube: Check out the trailer: Castle of Horror/Castle Talk Podcast Links: Join us over on Facebook to chime in. The show is hosted here. […]

Castle of Horror: The Rage: Carrie 2, the Best #MeToo Revenge Fantasy Ever

The Castle of Horror Podcast is back! We’re kicking off the 2018 season with the Carrie Retrospective, focusing on everyone’s favorite example of what Jean Grey would be like in a world without the X-Men. We’re starting with the 1999 film The Rage: Carrie 2, which has some interesting things to say about telekinesis, consent, […]

Castle Rock: Hulu Releases Super Bowl Teaser for Stephen King Series

This Sunday, Hulu is giving Super Bowl fans five million reasons to get excited for Castle Rock, the streaming service’s new thriller-drama series from J.J. Abrams that combines a number of author Stephen King‘s works into a “shared universe” narrative. During the second quarter – possibly closer to halftime – of the NFL’s national championship […]

Riverdale season 2

Riverdale Season 2: Upcoming Musical Episode to Adapt Stephen King’s Carrie

Now everyone wants to get into the act. Riverdale will be doing a musical episode, as Riverdale High’s drama department will be doing a production of Carrie: The Musical. The episode, which will air April 18th, will feature 11 different songs. The production of the Stephen King horror classic, will be directed by Kevin Keller […]

Homeland Season 7 Teaser: Carrie Wages War on The White House

After six seasons of living a Michael Corleone-style life of letting herself be pulled back in after she’s worked so hard to get herself out, it doesn’t look like Homeland‘s upcoming seventh season is going to bode much better for Claire Danes‘ Carrie Mathison. In the new teaser released by Showtime, Carrie has left her […]

Writer/Director Lucky McKee Curates The October Box Of Dread

It is October, the official month of Halloween and Horror. Which means that it’s a perfect time to take a look at the latest Box of Dread subscription box and they’ve really upped their game this month. Starting off with the fact that the Box of Dread now has a cool new box. I really […]

The Shining Funko Pop Torrance Chase

The Shining, Psycho, Beetlejuice, And More New Horror From Funko

I don’t know about you, but a adorable jack Torrance from The Shining on my desk at work was not something I thought I needed until i opened up the Funko blog this morning and saw one. Now, If I don’t have one my desk will feel incomplete. For horror fans, a new wave of Funko […]

Video Roundup: New Clips From Carrie, Under The Skin, Gravity And More

Not so much casting news out there today, so here’s a roundup of the newest videos released from all those movies coming out that you may or may not be eagerly anticipating. Carrie gets a Japanese trailer, which is pretty much like the English trailer. [youtube][/youtube] And a new TV Spot too. [youtube][/youtube] This 3-minute […]

New Carrie Poster Might Seem Like A Spoiler To Some

It could be worse. Like that time I told my friends not to look at the box of the Planet of the Apes DVD when they were about to watch it for the first time. "Don't look," I said because "they just went ahead and put the stat..."

Official Blurbs For New Evil Dead, Carrie And Curse Of Chucky

For the sake of official updates, here are the recently released plot blurbs for three upcoming horror pictures – the done-over Evil Dead; the done-over Carrie; and the latest Child’s Play sequel, Curse of Chucky. All of which reminds me how happy I am that folks like, say, Jen and Sylvia Soska are making original […]