captain action cat

Free On Bleeding Cool – Captain Action Cat: The Timestream Catastrophe #2

Our second all-ages comic from Dynamite today is a much longer title. Captain Action Cat: The Timestream Catastrophe #2 by Art Baltazar, Chris "Zod" Smits and Franco. The journey through the TIMESTREAM continues as Captain Action Cat, Khem, Golden Age Action Cat, and Dr. Evil Cat spin wildly out of control! Their discombobulated trip takes […]

Super Pack Of Extended Previews – The Seven Books From Dynamite This Week

In an unprecedented move… well it is… Dynamite has sent us extended previews (meaning 8 pages instead of 5) of every book they have coming out this week. Seven titles from the new Vampirella and Dresden Files books, to the second issues of Chaos and Captain Action Cat, to classic science fiction with Battlestar Galactica […]

It's Like Herding Captain Action Cats

Captain Action Cat, the new Dynamite series from the Art Baltazar and Franco team has received less than six thousand orders for the first issue of their The Timestream Catastrophe mini-series. Basically a third of what their Itty Bitty Hellboy debut got. Which means a) people really like Hellboy b) if folk are collecting Art Baltazar […]