Is Shuri Canceled in July?

Is Shuri Canceled in July? (Updated: Yes)

Eagle-eyed readers perusing Marvel's September solicitations may have noticed a glaring omission. There is no issue of Shuri solicited for September. And less eagle-eyed readers like ourselves might then be inclined to go back and look at August's solicitations and learn that there's no issue of Shuri solicited for August either. In fact, the last […]

Scream Queens Silenced: Series Canceled After 2 Seasons

Ryan Murphy's schedule just opened up again with FOX confirming during a conference call this morning that Scream Queens has indeed been canceled. This news comes from The Hollywood Reporter, who were on the call with Fox co-chairman/ CEO Gary Newman this morning: "Scream Queens was an anthological series. It feels as if it was a complete story. […]