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Remarqued Uber Collection Sells Out Fast

I thought I saw Kieron Gillen with a spring in his step as he walked down the Thor: The Dark World red carpet at tonight’s premiere, cheek by jowl with Jamie McKelvie. Well, we’s got a lot to be pleased about, with Diamond Comic Distributors selling out of his and and Caanan White’s remarqued enhanced […]

Kieron Gillen Does Not Write About Zombie Nazis – The NYCC Uber Panel

Elizabeth Heyman writes for Bleeding Cool: After arriving fashionably late to his own panel, author Kieron Gillen showed nothing but excitement when explaining the inspiration and direction of his recent hit comic Uber. The new title published by Avatar Press explores the question what if the Nazis did accomplish creating an Ubermensch serum and began turning soldiers […]

Preview: Uber #2 by Kieron Gillen and Canaan White

For a few years, retailers had pretty much worked out how to sell an Avatar comic. They knew the kind of demand for an Alan Moore comic, a Warren Ellis comic, a Garth Ennis comic, they could pretty much nail it. Then Uber came along and it all went out of the window, sellouts, second […]

Kieron Gillen’s Uber From Avatar – Some Very Nazi Superheroes

We’ve already talked about Kieron Gillen‘s Heat, a planned six-issue sci-fi mini-series for Avatar, about the policing of Mercury, that has yet to see print. But I also heard Kieron talk about what he referred to as Avatar Project Two. Well this appears to be that, getting out of the gates first. Drawn by Canaan […]