Camren Bicondova


Camren Bicondova Will Not Play Selina Kyle in ‘Gotham’ Finale

In news that’s come as a bit of a shock to long-time Gotham fans, Camren Bicondova will not be playing Selina Kyle in the series finale, which is set 10 years in the show’s future. Bicondova released the following letter to let fans know why she wouldn’t be appearing in the finale: That’s pretty big […]

Gotham Season 5: As The City Falls, The Villains Rise (TEASER)

Think Gotham City is a rough place to live now? Imagine taking a pre-Batman Gotham City and isolating it off from the rest of the world – pretty scary thought, right? That’s the premise behind The Dark Knight’s backstory series Gotham when the series returns to Fox for its fifth -and final – season on […]

Will Gotham’s Final Season Be Shorter Than We Thought?

Gotham fans were excited to find out that Fox was renewing the series for a fifth and final season that will explore the No Man’s Land story setup in the finale and lead to Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) finally becoming Batman. But the renewal was believed to be for 13 episodes, and it wasn’t clear […]

Gotham Season 4, Episode 21 Recap: One Bad Day

This article contains spoilers for Gotham season 4, episode 21, ‘A Dark Knight: One Bad Day’. . . . . . We were told going into this episode that it was going to be their take on Batman: The Killing Joke, the iconic graphic novel by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. I figured they’d be playing […]


Gotham Season 4: While the Penguin’s Away, the Sirens Will Play

After almost three full months, Gotham season 4 returns tonight on Fox. And while Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) is in Arkham Asylum with his new best friend Jerome (Cameron Monaghan), the Iceberg Lounge is being reverted back to its original owners and name, the Sirens Club. In what almost looks like a late-night television ad, […]

What Do You Want? What Do You Need? Selina Can Get It

With the premiere of the third season of Gotham less than a week away now, Fox has released a new teaser clip focus on the future Catwoman. Narrated by Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova), we see the young cat-burglar at work and concludes that you don’t have to worry about her because she has nine lives. […]

Cast Of Gotham Did Live Q&A’s

With Gotham now on summer break, four of the shows actors had time to do live Q&A’s on Facebook. Those include David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne), Camren Bicondova (Selina Kyle), BD Wong (Hugo Strange) and Cory Michael Smith (Edward Nygma). The person who gave their condolences to Mazouz for his parents deaths (the actors parents are […]

The Gotham We Deserve – Sizing Up The First Ten Episodes

By Cameron Hatheway Gotham captured audience’s attention worldwide when it first debuted in late September, and with good reason. In a steadily growing golden age for comic book television shows, fans of Batman were poised to either love the retelling of the iconic superhero’s upbringing mixed with the origins of the supporting cast, or tear […]