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Battle Royale Is Coming To Call Of Duty, But You Probably Won’t Be Able To Play It

Many people are expecting big developers to push out their own take on the burgeoning ‘Battle Royale’ genre after the dynamite success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The games industry likes to chase trends, and we’ve already seen several try to add a mode to their game, most notably in Fortnite. Well, one of the biggest franchises […]

Chris Evans Lends A Hand For China Based Call Of Duty Online Trailer

Everything about this is pretty bizarre. So, there is a PC Call of Duty game coming out that is only launching in China. It’s free to play and subsists on microtransactions. In the game, it looks like you shoot zombie/alien things. There is a huge monster. None of it really makes any sense, besides Activision probably […]

Chris Evans Answers The Call Of Duty

There is a new commercial for Call Of Duty Online that has quite the guest star. Captain America himself Chris Evans shows up in the 15-second teaser trailer for the new version of Call Of Duty. The online version allows you to customize your weapons, gear and character through an in-game store but  for the […]