cal mcdonald

Criminal Macabre: The Third Child Preview

Dark Horse has sent out a preview for Steve Niles‘ lates Criminal Macabre series, The Third Child. Picking up right after the Eyes of Frankenstein, Christopher Mitten illustrates this latest tale of Cal McDonald – “Cal’s changed . . . and maybe not for the better. Locked away and drowning himself with booze and aspirin, […]

Catching Up With Horror Master Steve Niles

Steve Niles and I go way back. I first interviewed him for a website I ran back in 2001 when he was doing the book Fused for Image, before 30 Days of Night was even announced. We became fast friends and worked on a handful of projects together from Savage to Strange Cases and a […]

Pick Your Own Price For Original Cal McDonald Novel

Savage Membrane, the first prose story of Cal McDonald published originally by IDW is now available through Bloody Pulp Books for whatever you want to pay. First released in 2001, the pill-popping, attitude-having, detective of the macabre has seen print in both prose and comic form with three novels (Savage Membrane, Guns, Drugs & Monsters, Dial […]

HeroesCon – The Bits Most People Missed

There’s been lots of coverage about HeroesCon and WizardWorld Philadelphia this weekend. But here are a few observations about the former that seem not to have been picked up upon that much… George Perez –  he is mulling over upcoming two projects, but will probably only accept one. For now his long awaited “Teen Titans: […]