Byron Brewer

Michael Uslan Talks About The Avenger, The Shadow And Doc Savage

Michael Uslan is the producer on the Batman films as well as a fan of the old pulp heroes like The Avenger, The Shadow and Doc Savage. So he jumped at the chance to write a comic starring all three for Dynamite. Byron Brewer chatted with him about the Justice, Inc. series. BYRON BREWER: The […]

“She’s Sane, But She Has Bad Habits.” – Steve Grant Talks Jennifer Blood

Steven Grant is probably best known for his run on The Punisher as well as his recent story-turned-film, 2 Guns. Now he is tackling the Jennifer Blood character created by Garth Ennis. Byron Brewer caught up with the writer to talk about how the new series came about and why he likes working for different companies. […]

Inside The Devilers With Joshua Hale Fialkov

Byron Brewer caught up with Joshua Hale Fialkov to talk about his new series The Devilers. This is the first title in Dynamite’s new Creator Unleashed line and will be hitting shelves in July, which means your retailers are ordering it now. BYRON BREWER: Josh, Devilers is part of a new line of creator-owned properties being […]

Modern Pulp Fiction – Chris Roberson Part II

Earlier Byron Brewer was talking to Chris Roberson on bring his run on Doc Savage to an end, but the writer has two classic pulp series on their last issue this month. Byron talks to Chris about wrapping up his run on The Shadow with issue #35. BYRON BREWER: Chris, many fans were very impressed […]

Modern Pulp Fiction – Chris Roberson Part I

In this first out our two-part interview of Chris Roberson today, Byron Brewer talks with the writer about his eight issues run on Doc Savage, how he got on the project and why he shot the Man of Bronze into space. BYRON BREWER:  Chris, with issue #8 the current volume of Doc Savage comes to its […]

The Black Bat – Brian Buccellato Talks The Pulp Anti-Hero

Dynamite’s take on the classic pulp character The Black Bat hit’s issue #10 and interviewer Byron Brewer sat checked in with series writer Brian Buccellato about the character, where the series is going and what else he may have up his sleeve. BYRON BREWER: Of all the books launched around the same time, Black Bat […]