Gentle Giant Cable Bust 2

Cable Gets a New, Classic Bust From Gentle Giant

Cable is getting a new, classic look bust from Gentle Giant. Complete with an absurdly large gun, combat knife on his back, and bared teeth face sculpt, this one should satisfy everyone who need to get their 90’s mutant groove on. He is made of polystone, and we run collectors $129.99 when he ships in […]

Gentle Giant Star Wars Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker SDCC Bust 1

Luke Skywalker Gets a SDCC Exclusive Bust from Gentle Giant

Star Wars hero Luke Skywalker is getting a new bust exclusive to SDCC from Gentle Giant. The bust will cost $120 and can either be preordered by their Premier Guild members now or purchased at their booth on the con floor itself. The Jedi Luke from Return of the Jedi will feature a LED lightsaber […]

Wolverine Life-Size Bust Preorders Available Tomorrow from Sideshow

Woverine is getting a life-size bust. Sideshow Collectibles will be offering a ridiculously awesome bust of The Best There Is at What He Does at a 1:1 scale. He will be in his brown suit, arguably his best. Come to think of it: what is Wolverine’s best look? Let me know down below — I […]

Pacific Rim Gypsy Danger Bust 1

Pacific Rim Collectors Will Want This Gipsy Danger Bust from Diamond Select Toys

Pacific Rim collectors are going to want this. Gipsy Danger is getting a 13-inch-tall bust from Diamond Select Toys. Shipping in November, this high quality collectible is based on the iconic jaeger from both Pacific Rim and Pacific Rim: Uprising. Gipsy is far and away the most popular thing about those films, and I am […]

Boba Fett Life Size Sideshow Bust 12

Boba Fett Gets the Life-Size Bust of Our Dreams from Sideshow

Boba Fett is getting a life-size bust based on his appearance in Return of the Jedi. Sideshow looks to have really outdone themselves this time. This one will go up to preorder today, and will retail for a whopping $1300. As you wish. Sideshow is proud to present the Boba Fett Life-Size Bust. Created in […]

Revival Em Cypress Bust Skelton Crew Studios

Revival’s Em Cypress Gets Her Own Bust from Skelton Crew Studio

Revival character Em Cypress, from the comic by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton, is getting a bust from Skelton Crew Studios. Arriving in fall, this is the latest of many busts based on Image and creator-owned books announced by Skelton as of late. As with the others, there will be preorder bonuses and even a […]

Itty Bitty Hellboy Bust 1

Hellboy Gets an Itty Bitty Bust from Skelton Crew Studio

Hellboy is getting an adorable bust posed on a stack of pancakes. Based on the art of Art Baltazar and his itty bitty specials, it will retail for $72 and ship in fall of this year from Skelton Crew Studios. Aw yeah, pancakes! The Limited Edition itty bitty Hellboy mini-bust is based on the amazing […]

wonder woman statue and more geeky news

You Can Now Preorder Prime 1 Studio’s Insanely Cool Wonder Woman Statue and Bust

Prime 1 Studio is now taking preorders for their ridiculously awesome-looking new Wonder Woman bust and statue from Justice League. Featuring an incredible likeness of star Gal Gadot, you can preorder each separately or together in an Ultimate Edition bundle. They will both ship in 2019. “”People said the Age of Heroes would never come […]

Gentle Giant Bib Fortuna Bust 4

Bib Fortuna Gets a Sweet Bust From Gentle Giant

Bib Fortuna is the latest Star Wars character to get a bust from Gentle Giant. Limited to only 750 pieces and running you $120, the bust is available to order now if you are a Premier Guild member. If any are left after that, anyone can order it starting this Friday, December 15th. It is […]

Batman Beyond Old Man Bruce Bust Looking Regal From Diamond Select Toys

Diamond Select has under the radar been producing awesome quality statues and busts for some time now, and none are better than their series of busts based on the various DC Animated shows of yesteryear. They have done many busts from Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited, Superman: The Animated Series, and Batman Beyond, […]

Next Year, You’ll Be Able To Buy This Life-Size, LED Encrusted Bust Of Okami’s Amaterasu

If you enjoyed Capcom’s Zelda-esque video game about a sun-god who was also a wolf, Okami, then you’ll probably enjoy this bust of the series’ protagonist Amaterasu. Granted, you’ll also need about $725 plus shipping and handling, but hey, who doesn’t want an expensive life-size wolf bust, right? Capcom and First4Figures partnered up to release a life-sized […]

Why I Gave Up Games Journalism To Kickstart A Comic

Dave Cook writes for Bleeding Cool: Until June this year I had worked as a game critic for over seven years – both as a lowly, stressed out freelancer and as a salaried critique-jockey for some of the UK’s biggest gaming sites. My last gig was as deputy editor for global videogame news site VG247, […]

Poyo Or Bust For 2014

The Chew Smorgasbord got a mention in the Top 11 Graphic Novels of the year. How much of it is down to Poyo is probably up for debate. But the odds are, “lots”. But as cyborg-enhanced chicken killing machines there are few to match him. And now you can get a bust version of the […]