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“Crisis” Management: So Michael Keaton, Adam West & “Titans” Fans Should Be Happy [SPOILERS]

We’ve officially reached December, folks – which means The CW‘s “Arrowverse” shows are in full swing at this point. Arrow is shuffling off the network’s programming coil after an abbreviated 10-episode eighth season (making The Flash the “elder states-show” of the “Arrowverse”), Ruby Rose-starrer Batwoman joined the family alongside Supergirl and expanded the Batman mythos […]


Holy “Crisis,” Batman! Burt Ward to Appear in CW “Arrowverse” Crossover

At the Batwoman panel at San Diego Comic-Con earlier today, executive producer Caroline Dries dropped a major cameo for this winter’s “Crisis” event. Burt Ward, best known for playing Robin in the 1960’s Batman live action show, colloquially referred to as Batman ’66 due to the release date of the eponymous movie, will make an […]

Batman Vs. Two-Face: Burt Ward On Adam West And Fighting Bruce Lee

As both a comic book and television geek for most of my life, I’ve noticed that for a long time there were two camps when it came to Batman: the bright, cartoony, “BAW! POW! ZAM!” crowd; and the Tim Burton/Frank Miller, “it looks like midnight even at 2 p.m.” cowled vigilante crowd — and being […]


‘Batman Vs. Two-Face’ Gives An Emotional Sendoff To Adam West At NYCC

Jason Borelli writes: Last year marked the 50th anniversary of the Batman television series. Warner Bros. marked that event in part with Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, an animated movie featuring Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin. Prior to the release of the sequel, West passed away at the age of […]

Watch The First Trailer For ‘Batman vs. Two-Face’

IGN got the exclusive today to show off the brand new trailer for Batman vs. Two-Face, the iconic battle of the ’60s Batman we never got because ABC and 20th Century Fox didn’t think the character was campy enough to be in the show. This feature is, of course, the last appearance of Adam West […]

Batman’s Kind Of A Jerk From Time To Time

Adam West is best known for playing Batman in the late 60’s, now he’s returned to the Campy Dark Knight in a new animated feature Batman: Return of the Caped Crusader. He, along with Julie Newmar and Burt Ward reprise the roles after fifty years. In the videos below, West talks about playing the character […]

Burt Ward Talks Batman: Return Of The Caped Crusader

After many many many years, Burt Ward has gotten the chance to return to the character that made him famous – Dick Grayson / Robin. The actor voiced an animated version of the role he once played in live-action as the 1966 Batman series was brought back in a new animated feature, Batman: Return of […]

NYCC 2016 World Premiere of Batman: The Return of The Caped Crusaders 

by Chuck Brouillette Warner Bros Animation debuted Batman: The Return of The Caped Crusaders on the opening night of NYCC 2016 and it was a vintage and vigorous delight. As always, I’ll craft my insights towards comments rather than crib notes, but as they often say: Beware of Bat-Spoilers! The film features the return of […]

Batman’s Sinister Foes Regroup In Batman: Return Of The Caped Crusaders Trailer

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has released a new trailer for the upcoming Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders. It features the Joker, Penguin, Catwoman and the Riddler teaming up once again to bedevil Batman and Robin. It also features a mustached Commissioner Gordon (who went without facial hair in the live action TV series) and […]

Behind The Scenes Of Robot Chicken’s DC Special 3

Jason Inman of DC All-Access talks with the folks behind the Robot Chicken DC Special 3 including Geoff Johns, Seth Green, Tom Root, Burt Ward, Tom Sheppard and Matthew Senreich. This time they are focusing on the multiverse, doing their version of Crisis and we get to meet… Pez Luthor. Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 3: Magical […]

Burt Ward Countdowns The Top Five Robin Stories

Burt Ward, the man who brought Dick Grayson / Robin to life in the 1966 Batman television series, hosts DC All-Access’ list of the Top 5 Robin Stories You’ve Never Read… not sure why they keep going to the “you never read” card… but oh well. It’s fun to hear Ward expounding on the highlights of […]

Adam West And Burt Ward To Return To The Batcave For Animated Feature

Not all the news was coming out of Emerald City this weekend. Down in North Carolina at the Mad Monster Party, guests Adam West and Burt Ward revealed that the two would be voicing the roles of Batman and Robin in an upcoming 90 minute animated movie for the 50th anniversary of the launch of […]

From $284.99 To $39.98 – 5 Different Ways To Buy The Batman ’66 TV Series

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NRkkvBrYU[/youtube] So, how rich is your blood? Option 1: Blu Ray Limited Edition Set $269.97, $174.98 on Amazon As the ultimate collector’s pièce de résistance, the Limited Edition box set (SRP $269.97) is a numbered, beautifully packaged set and spotlights all 120 episodes in spectacularly-re-mastered footage on Blu-ray™. The package comes complete with an exclusive Hot […]

NYCC: Adam West Comes To New York To Talk Batman

Rich Epstein writes for Bleeding Cool: On November 11, 2014, Batman is finally being released on Blu-Ray and DVD.  No, not that one.  Or that one.  The original 1960s tv show and movie has been remastered in all of its cheesy glory.  And to celebrate the release, Adam West was at New York Comic Con […]

Dragon*Con 2012: The Parade, Burt Ward And Adam West

Dragon*Con 2012: Interview with the Dynamic Duo, Zombie Love, and More Cosplay Bill Meeks reporting here from hot and sweaty downtown Atlanta, Georgia at Dragon*Con 2012. Day 2 was phenomenal. I started the day shooting video at the Marvel Superheroes photo shoot where Stan Lee made a surprise appearance. Mary Jane and a Femme Spider-Man […]