The Burlesque Face Of The Deadline Magazine Revival

Coco Deville has been announced as the face of Missed Deadline, the new revival of the classic Deadline magazine currently underway, which we may have previously mentioned. A Ryan Hughes-designed logo, there. Coco is a regular performer at Proud Cabaret Brighton and during May – as well as representing Missed Deadline – she'll be featuring at London Burlesque Festival. Where you'll also […]

Things To Do In London In May If You Like Comics And Burlesque

Rian Hughes, Bleeding Cool's Jessica Kemp, Jessica Martin, Chrissie Nicholson-Wild of Curve Couture and more will be exhibiting together at the London Burlesque Fest forthe Big Burlesque Day Out in May 24th. Rian Hughes, best known for drawing Grant Morrison's Dare, designing the Forbidden Planet logo (and the current Valiant logo) as well as lots […]

The Ten Dollar Burlesque Cosplay Calandar

I'm sorry, it's the topless Cylon that just gets me. Welcome to Eileen Stagg's 2014 Cosplay Calendar, featuring burlesque cosplay, which includes some fine designs for Angela, Death, Zatanna and more. Wonderful clothes but… not that many of them. Oh and since we're over two weeks into the first of the month, it's down from […]

Don't Blink: A Doctor Who Burlesque

Greg Baldino writes for Bleeding Cool Throughout its fifty-year run of a centuries-old alien time traveler running down corridors with an attractive young woman from goofy looking monsters, Doctor Who has long begged a question. Perhaps THE question–the first question, the question that must never be answered, hidden in plain sight: What if the centuries-old […]

Bleeding Cool Challenge: Redesign Khandie Khisses

Last week's Bleeding Cool Challenge, creating the as-yet-unseen second half of the DC gatefold covers in April was a big hit. So obviously we were going to try it again. Khandie Khisses is a British burlesque dancer, ex-Royal Air Forces, whe was picked by Alan Moore to perform at his fiftieth birthday celebrations, then she […]

Naked Girls Reading Neil Gaiman In Philidelphia

Look for Philly to get a whole more chilly. I'm wondering how many people might be misled by the title "Neail Gaiman In The Nude" But on November 18th at 9pm Naked Girls Reading will appear again at the Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art. With American Gods being read by Miss Rose and the children's […]

Rian Hughes' Burlesque Gallery And Introduction To Soho Dives, Soho Divas

Designer, cartoonist and comic creator extraordinaire Rian Hughes has created a series of portraits of London's burlesque performers, including sketches from life, graphic illustrations and paintings in a variety of media and styles. Here is the introduction to Image Comics' upcoming Soho Dives, Soho Divas, for November. I'm sure that, like me, you're wary of […]

Geek Girl Burlesque Takes Cosplay To A New Level

Burlesque is one of those performance art forms that is want to cause controversy. Some see it as plain stripping, that there is no difference, and anyone who thinks different is fooling themselves. But I see it as far more playful, the intent is certainly different even if not all of the audience appreciates it […]

Batman Live! – The Khandie Khisses Review

Khandie Khisses writes, dances and lives for Bleeding Cool. We sent her and Bleeding Cool reporter Ben Mortimer on a date to Batman Live! last weekend. We ran Ben's report last week. Now here comes Khandie's… I am a Batman fan in as much as I love Christian Bale in that rubbery suit. So the […]