Winter Soldier #1 Review: Bucky’s Got a Brand New (Boring) Bag

SUMMARY: Writer: Kyle Higgins, Artist: Rod Reis, Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles,Associate Editor: Alanna Smith, Editor Tom Brevoort, Varant Covers: Bill Sienkiewicz; Butch Guice & Frank D’Armata, Publisher: Marvel Comics, Release Date: Out Now, Price: $3.99. This new Winter Soldier mini (by my count the sixth WS series in the last 7 years) seems focused on […]

Funko Marvel Infinty War Bucky

Infinity War Wave 2 Funko Pops Include Groot, Bucky, Eitri, and More!

Infinity War is now available to watch on digital platforms in the comfort of your own home, and now Funko has announced their second wave of Pops in support of the film. Way smaller than that initial wave, this one will contain five new Pops, and no exclusives! Well, almost. There is one. All five […]

Alex De Campi And Dave Acosta Launch HKMC, A Free Webcomic Starring Frank Castle And Bucky

Legacy, schmegacy! One of the best new comics in the Marvel Universe isn’t even published by Marvel. Alex de Campi and Dave Acosta have launched a new webcomic, Hell’s Kitchen Movie Club, with a brilliantly simple concept: “Frank Castle and Bucky sit around cleaning weapons & watching/critiquing action films.” The context: pic.twitter.com/Jhb857RaOE — Alex de […]

Sebastian Stan Is The Jon Snow Of The MCU: He Knows Nothing

When it comes to the Marvel movies we all want whatever information we can get our hands on regarding Avengers: Infinity War. This time around it looks like the actors aren’t going to be the ones who drop any spoilers in the lead up to the movie’s premiere in April of ’18. In an interview with […]

Why Marvel Should Really Publish A #STUCKY Comic After Secret Empire

When it was first announced, a year or so ago, that Captain America was going to have big headlining news, some people seized on the possibility that Captain America may be getting a boyfriend. Instead, the reveal was that he’d been a sleeper agent for decades for the fascist organisation Hydra, which led to the […]

How Captain America: Civil War Should Have Ended

The HISHE folks have done up a new episode focusing on Captain America: Civil War. They pick up a few of the plot holes as usual, but they also pick up on what’s going on in the Captain America comics as well. Plus… poor Ant-Man… that’s all I’m saying. [youtube]https://youtu.be/fvLw021rVN0[/youtube]

Are Secret Wars Captain America And Bucky A Couple?

I have been told to keep an eye out for something… interesting regarding Planet Hulk, the Secret Wars spinoff, in upcoming months. But what could it be? The series which started last week shows a Steve Rogers fighting in the pits, given the chance to rescue Bucky Barnes, to risk his life in the Greenlands, […]

Meet Marvel Comics’ New Character Find Of 2014 – Stafford

The Original Sin Annual out today is all about Woodrow McCord, the original man on the wall, defending the world from the universe with a single shot. The role that Nick Fury then inherited. And then Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier after him. Except it really isn’t. Oh sure, the story Woodrow McCord who appeared first […]

Chris Evans On Passing The Torch And Making It Clear He’s Not Done Yet

In an MTV interview, Chris Evans is asked about the rumor that Captain America will be leading a new version of the Avengers, whether his shield will be passed on to Bucky or Falcon and what he thinks of Michael B. Jordan taking on his old role as Johnny Storm. His initial response to the […]

When Stand Up Tackles Captain America And Bucky

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGXj6EH-Res[/youtube] Here’s professional stand up comedian John Roy at Meltdown Comics introducing Ed Brubaker… but not before he’s finished roasting the Winter Soldier.

Captain America & Bucky To Become New Marvel Team-Up Style Title

See that’s what happens when you go own the pub. Stuff happens. Yesterday in the Marvel Liveblogs, they announced that in April, Captain America & Hawkeye will replace the 1940s-set Captain America & Bucky, written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by Alessandro Vitti. But it seems to be about to become a bit of a […]

The Winter Soldier #1 From Brubaker And Guice In 2012

Today Fear Itself #7.1 is published. Which features the memorial service for Bucky Barnes – Captain America’s sidekick in the war, who was revived as Soviet weapon The Winter Soldier and then became Captain America when the original was thought dead. During the issue you discover that the Winter Soldier identity, at least, is alive […]