Bryce Lorenzo

‘Happy!’ Season 2: So Remember That Time Christopher Meloni Mooned NYC? [VIDEO]

If there’s one thing that can be said about SYFY‘s second season of Happy!, it’s definitely not a repeat of the first season’s mind-blowers – and that’s saying a helluva’ lot. To “Make Easter Great Again,” the cast and crew behind the Grant Morrison/Darick Robertson comic book adaptation have elevated their game to live up […]

‘Happy!’ Season 2, Episode 1 “The War on Easter”: Something Old, Something New, Something Bunny… and Some Thing’s Blue [SPOILER REVIEW]

Welcome to our season-long review of SYFY‘s Happy! season 2, as we take a look the show’s opening salvo in its “war” on Easter with the appropriately-titled “The War on Easter.” After everything that happened last season, Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni) been trying to travel down the straight(ish)-and-narrow(ish) road to keep his life from getting […]

‘Happy!’ Season 2: Who Is Nick Sax? We’re Glad You Asked… [PREVIEW]

With less than a week to go (finally!) before SYFY unleashes the second season of Happy! upon a so-not-ready world beginning Wednesday, March 27, fans of the mayhem that Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni) and his not-so-imaginary friend Happy (Patton Oswalt) are getting a chance to learn more about “The Man” behind “The Myth”… the man Keith Richards looks at with […]

‘Happy!’ Season 2: Get to Know Big Pink, Dayglo Doug, and Bebe Debarge! [PREVIEW]

With two weeks to go before SYFY unleashes Happy! season 2 upon a not-ready world on Wednesday, March 27, Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni) fanatics are getting a chance to hear from some of the “newbies” boarding this season’s twisted little Easter train: Ann-Margret (Tommy, Bye Bye Birdie), Paul “The Big Show” Wight, and Curtis Armstrong […]

Happy Trails! Episode 108: Join Us for Bleeding Cool’s Happy! Live-Blog!

Thanks for joining us as we wrap-up our first season of Happy Trails!, Bleeding Cool’s live-blog of Syfy‘s Happy!, with tonight’s season finale, ‘I Am The Future”: Happy! s01e08 ‘I Am The Future’: With Christmas approaching, Sax and Happy are locked in a climatic confrontation to rescue Hailey from Very Bad Santa’s lair; Merry sets out to save Amanda […]

Happy Trails! Episode 104: Join Us for Bleeding Cool’s Happy! Live-Blog!

Thanks for joining us for our fourth edition of Happy Trails!, Bleeding Cool’s live-blog of Syfy‘s Happy! and tonight’s second episode, ‘Year of the Horse.” At the end of last week’s episode, Christopher Meloni‘s Nick Sax went twelve rounds with Very Bad Santa (Joseph Reitman)… and it did not go well for Sax, to say the least. Thankfully, he’s got […]

Happy! Season 1, Episode 3 Recap: “Does It Matter?”

Welcome back to Bleeding Cool’s weekly recap of Syfy‘s Happy! for another round of “reminder recap,” with our sights set on Episode 3, ‘When Christmas was Christmas.’ So on the plus side? Happy (Patton Oswalt) has Sax (Christopher Meloni) back in “detective mode” to save Hailey (Bryce Lorenzo) from Very Bad Santa (Joseph Reitman). Negative side? Round one […]

Happy! Scores Big Numbers for Syfy with Series Debut

Syfy has every reason to be ecstatic (…thought I was going for a joke there, didn’t you?) this week, with the debut of Christopher Meloni/Patton Oswalt-starrer Happy! scoring the best Live+3 ratings since the series premiere of The Magicians in January 2016. Based on Image Comics’ 2012 graphic novel series from Grant Morrison (Super Gods) […]