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Batman's Grave

When Snickers Came to The Batman’s Grave

Late comics into London this week saw be go digital. Which is also how I missed out on another Snickers ad managing to destroy a perfectly good comic book story. In the past we have had Snickers ads drawn by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado that seemed to follow on from one of the comic […]

Has DC Comics Just Created Its Very Own Rick And Morty?

Has DC Comics Just Created Its Very Own Rick And Morty?

Today sees the publication of Year Of The Villain: Lex Luthor #1 from Jason Latour and Bryan Hitch, that sees the Apex Lex Luthor travelling the multiverse collecting other Lex Luthors along the way. And one in particular, a young version of Lex Luthor in a Smallville-like environment, with a dead drunk father. Who Apex […]

Batman's Grave: Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch Series Launches in October

The Batman’s Grave: Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch Series Launches in October

DC Comics has revealed the name and launch date of the upcoming Batman project by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch. DC’s blog has the official press release, though of course you heard it here first at Bleeding Cool back in March (pip pip). Kevin Nowlan will ink the 12-issue maxi-series, which is called The Batman’s Grave. […]

Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch – Reuniting on Batman?

So. An hour ago, Bleeding Cool ran an unaired clip from tomorrow night’s The Jonathan Ross Show, in which Bryan Hitch got to meet Samuel L Jackson, the man he made Nick Fury in The Ultimates all of seventeen years ago. Hell, we’ll run it again below, it’s a really cool clip, and Brie Larson […]

Hawkman #3 cover by Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair

Hawkman #3 Review: A Swarm of Bird-Men and a T-Rex

Hawkman is on Dinosaur Island and facing down a Tyrannosaurus Rex. After surviving the encounter, he begins his trek towards the mountain that sits in the center of the island. He takes flight but finds a massive swarm of Feitherans, humanoid bird creatures, defending the mountain. If Carter is to make it to the mountain […]

Hawkman #2 cover by Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair

Hawkman #2 Review: This Series Continues to Soar

Hawkman looks back on his life as Prince Khufu and wonders if that was not truly his first life. In the present, Carter Hall is on his way to the British Museum. He believes that an old artifact he brought to the museum in a past life from the reign of Prince Khufu holds more […]

Top and Bottom 5 Comics for June 13th, 2018: Hawkman Lives

We’v reached the end of another week, and it’s time to take stock! That means it’s time for the Top and Bottom 5 comics of June 13th, 2018. What will win? What will lose? What will get people mad at me? Let’s find out together! Winners 1. Hawkman #1 Hawkman #1 finally came out this week– […]

Hawkman #1 cover by Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair

Advance Hawkman #1 Review: The Winged Warrior Returns in Excellent Fashion

Hawkman has dove into ancient ruins of an off-shoot society to Gorilla City. Within it is the Nautilus of Revealment, an artifact that could potentially help Carter Hall dive into all his past lives for information. That said, Gorilla City never leaves anything unprotected, and Hawkman must navigate the dangers of the ruins to attain […]

Superman Special #1 cover by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez

Superman Special #1 Review: DC’s Continued Superman Quality Streak

Superman and Superboy have a promise to keep for Captain Storm on Dinosaur Island, and the two Kents return to save the only surviving member of the Losers. In another story, Superman returns to Earth after a long mission in space, exhausted and drained of energy. Unfortunately, a giant insect is attacking Metropolis, so the […]

Hawkman Found #1 variant cover by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Alex Sinclair

Hawkman Found #1 Review: DC’s Greatest Hero Returns

Carter Hall is in a world he doesn’t recognize. He doesn’t know who he is, where he came from, or where he’s going. All he knows is that he has dreams of flying, and that he must fight off swarms of Manhawks daily. They come from a ship in the sky, and, today, he is […]

Justice League #31 Review: An Uplifting Finale

The Darkness has taken hold of the Justice League, and it’s up to their children, the Sovereign, the future Aquaman, and Batman to free them from its grasp. The Darkness wants the League to kill their offspring and Wonder Woman to kill her mother, Hippolyta (who is the Sovereign). Meanwhile, Green Lantern Simon Baz is […]

Justice League #30 cover by Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair

Justice League #30 Review: The Sovereign Arrives

The darkness is infesting Wonder Woman and Green Lantern Simon Baz. Much of the Justice League is in a pocket dimension and unaware what is happening. The future Aquaman is visiting Mera and Serenity. Worse yet, the Sovereign has arrived. This story seems to be winding up to a finale, and that is definitely the […]

Justice League #28 Review: Parental Bonding To Give You Feelings

The Justice League continue spending time and getting to know their future children and the world they come from. A lot of bonding is done and feelings are shared. Unfortunately, everyone knows that this cannot last, and the Kindred threat is on its way. Worse yet, an ulterior motive begins to rear its head with […]

Justice League

Justice League #27 Review: The Justice League Meets Their Children

A young group of heroes have arrived claiming that they are the children of the Justice League. Perplexed, the League takes them to the Watchtower to determine if this is the truth. All scans that Cyborg performs on them support their claim, and they tell the League their story. They come from a future where […]

justice league comic

Justice League #26 Review: Setting Up An Intriguing Dark Future

Justice League #26 starts a new story, Legacy, in the series, written by Bryan Hitch with art by Fernando Pasarin, Oclair Albert, and Brad Anderson. It’s a very interesting and intriguing setup too, as we meet the children of the Justice League in some new dystopian view of tomorrow. Mount Olympus has been relocated to […]