Wait A Minute. Is That Milk And Cheese In A My Little Pony Comic?

Why yes, yes it is. That’s this Milk And Cheese. By Evan Dorkin. Good job Alex De Campi and Carla Speed McNeil. We’ll destroy those little girl’s minds, reference by reference. Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. This week hosting an art battle between Savage Pencil and Chris Long, commencing this evening.. Battle of the […]

Dynamite Launches My Little Phoney: A Brony Adventure (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Here’s the full info; (W) Michael Moreci, Steve Seeley Welcome to the world of the Horse-He, middle-aged men who share an unusual devotion to My Little Phoney. Though the line of sparkley and adorable horses was made for young girls, nothing stops the Horse-Hes from adopting this lifestyle. When a dispute ignites over which […]

Open Your Mind: Bronies, Party Cannons And The My Little Pony Panel

Devin T. Quin, writing for Bleeding Cool San Diego is home to a variety of impressive flora and fauna. I have seen a plethora of snails, marveled at the majestic beauty of their cockroaches, and have been awoken by the high pitched screams of their humming birds. Today I am hunting for an elusive beast, […]

My First My Little Pony Party – Pics, Video And Me Getting Bronied Up

I blame the Wall Street Journal. “They had one of their reporters here, and he had his hair done.” I have been at the Image Multiversity party for hours previously, I was there with someone I rather liked and I wasn’t going to let the Wall Street Journal beat Bleeding Cool when it came to […]

Brony Gang War: One Year On – Afterwards They Will Explode

[youtube][/youtube] Friendship Is Magic? Not when My Little Pony gangs terrorise a city. A news report looking at the violence, and those behind it all, by way of The Wire. One year on, after an earlier report… [youtube][/youtube]