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This Is The End… Alex Cox Talks About The New John Carter Series

Dynamite is taking John Carter to a new place… The End. The Warlord of Mars is getting a new series from writers Brian Wood and Alex Cox with art by Hayden Sherman. The series takes place far into the future after Carter and Dejah Thoris have left Mars to mourn the death of their son. […]

Exclusive Sneak Peek Of Briggs Land #5

We have some pages from the upcoming next issue of Briggs Land by Brian Wood and Mack Chater. Grace is trying to protect her land from outside forces like the Aryan Nation and may just have to turn to the ATF agents for help. Briggs Land #5 ships on December 21st and is currently in […]

Brian Wood Brings The End To John Carter

Dynamite Entertainment is fast forwarding life on Mars to a new place… the end. They’ve brought in the writing team of Brian Wood (Northlanders) and Alex Cox (Adventure Time) and paired them with artist Hayden Sherman (Civil War II: Kingpin) for a new take on the Edgar Rice Burroughs creation John Carter: Warlord of Mars. […]

Brian Wood On The Two Briggs Land And Writing Without An Agenda

Yesterday I ran an interview with Mack Chater about the Dark Horse series Briggs Land and we showed you most of the first issue. Today we have the series writer Brian Wood talking about the parallel creative path of the project as both a comic series and a television series. We also have some exclusive […]

Mack Chater On Spending Time In Briggs Land

Briggs Land is a comic series by Brian Wood and Mack Chater that focuses on “a nearly a hundred square miles of rural wilderness that harbors the largest and most secretive antigovernment secessionist movement in the United States. When matriarch Grace Briggs wrests control of the operation from her incarcerated husband, she sparks a war within […]

Brian Wood To Tackle John Carter: Warlord Of Mars

Dynamite has snagged Brian Wood (DMZ) to co-write along with Alex Cox the Edgar Rice Burrough’s character John Carter: Warlord of Mars. Wood is known for his political undertones and dystopian world-building, his most recent original series Briggs Land is currently in development with AMC. “Taking on a classic literary icon like John Carter is […]

Exclusive Dark Horse Previews Of Tomb Raider #9 And Aliens: Defiance #6

And we have the other two exclusive previews for Dark Horse comics shipping in October. First up we have Tomb Raider #9 by Mariko Tamaki and Phil Sevy  on sale October 19th and then Aliens: Defiance #6 by Brian Wood and Tristan Jones on sale October 26th. TOMB RAIDER #9 Writer: Mariko Tamaki Artist: Phillip […]

A Battle Of Synthetics In Our Exclusive Preview Of Aliens: Defiance #3

Our third exclusive Dark Horse preview for the weekend follows the troubles on board the Europa in Aliens: Defiance #3. The battle of Davis 01 and Colonial Marine Zula Hendricks brought to you by the creative team of writer Brian Wood, artist Riccardo Burchielli  and cover artist Massimo Carnevale. Mutiny aboard the Europa. After accessing a Weyland-Yutani network buoy which reprograms their directives, several […]

What Twitter Has To Say About Brian Wood & Danijel Zezelj’s Starve

The first issue of Starve released this past June from Image Comics. Written by, Brian Wood, with art by Danijel Zezelj, Starve is set in a world where chefs are practically royalty, and access to them is the ultimate status symbol. Chef Gavin Cruikshank, back from self-imposed exile, finds his little foodie television program “Starve” transformed into a gonzo […]

NYCC ’15: Aliens: Defiance By Brian Wood And Tristan Jones

Dark Horse announced today that their latest foray into the xenomorphs universe would be with Brian Wood and Tristan Jones on a new series Aliens: Defiance. Aliens: Defiance follows struggling Colonial Marine rookie Zula Hendricks as she goes AWOL to protect Earth from an unknown alien species. Aliens: Defiance #1 (of 12) is in stores April […]

So, Brian Wood Put Out A Newsletter…

Earlier this week, those who were signed up to comic book writer/artist Brian Wood‘s newsletter received a mailing talking about sexual harassment and social media shaming. Brian, an established creator with work from Image, DC, Marvel, Dark Horse and more, is currently seeing new work with Starve, Rebels and his DMZ series for Vertigo being reprinted. But he […]

Todd McFarlane Tells Bleeding Cool About Spawn Vs. Satan

I noticed that the October solicitations for Spawn no longer had Paul Jenkins listed as writer. SPAWN #258 STORY: TODD McFARLANE ART / COVER: JONBOY OCTOBER 21 / 32 PAGES / FC / T / $2.99 Spawn returns to the one place he never thought he would see again…HELL. Paul had replaced Brian Wood as […]

Starve Is A Gourmet Transmetropolitan For The 21st Century

It’s a science fiction comic that begins with renowned media individual who has abandoned society, let himself go and found a new way of being, only to find himself tracked down by those he thought he had abandoned and drafted by the law back to doing what he once was, right in the public eye. […]

Brian Wood, Traitor To The Crown, Talks Rebels

Last week saw the release of Brian Wood’s latest comic series Rebels from Dark Horse, focusing on the events surrounding the Revolutionary War and the beginning stages of America as a country. Wood is no stranger to historical fiction comics, with Northlanders pillaging pull lists every month when the series was coming out from Vertigo. […]

An Inside Look At The Making Of Rebels From Co-Creator Andrea Mutti

Rebels, the new Vermont-set story of the American Revolution written by Brian Wood, drawn by Andrea Mutti, with colors by Jordie Bellaire and covers by Tula Lotay, arrives on April 8th. Its approach seems to fill the comics scene with an approaching crescendo of drums–and the knowledge that we are about to encounter something rather […]