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Brett Ratner

New Line Allegedly Knew About Brett Ratner's Sexual Misconduct In 2005

The story behind Brett Ratner continues to get worse. In a very long article posted yesterday we went into the allegations against the director filed by multiple actresses including Olivia Munn and Ellen Page. It appears that New Line might have known about Ratner's behavior as far back as 2005 according to Variety. Terri Goddard […]

Jared Leto Says He Wasn't Going To Play Hugh Hefner In Ratner's (Now Canceled) Film

Oscar winning actor Jared Leto claims he was never involved in the Brett Ratner directed Hugh Hefner biopic film announced earlier this year. Playboy Entertainment released a statement today that the Hef-centric biographical film would not be moving forward as intended with Ratner after a Los Angeles Times piece featuring first hand accounts from six different […]

Brett Ratner To Remake Of The Five Fingers Of Death

Every so often, Hollywood looks to the martial arts genre for inspiration. The films contain a certain energy — and box office muscle overseas — but it has proved difficult to reproduce in the states. There are rare exceptions and those success ultimately lead to another attempt at the genre in the US. But few […]

The Rock Locks in Two: Hercules and the Russo Brothers' Ciudad

Dwayne Johnson has signed on to play Hercules for Brett Ratner in an adaptation of Steve Moore's comic, The Thracian Wars. Google image search would suggest that Moore's version of Hercules spends a lot of the time wearing the pelt of the Nemean lion, which I seem to recall was impervious to swords and arrows. […]

The Rock To Stretch Acting Muscles By Playing Hercules

Linda Ge writes for Bleeding Cool. Well this is a no-brainer if we've ever heard one. Muscle bound wrestler turned action star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is set to take on the role of legendary muscle-bound action hero Hercules. While in traditional Greek mythology Hercules, the demigod son of Zeus who has strength that surpasses […]

Could This Year's Oscars Be Hosted By The Muppets?

Not only has Eddie Murphy stepped down from his role as host of this year's Academy Awards ceremony, but also thanks to what can politely be termed a social faux pas by Brett Ratner, the job of producer has just been handed over to Brian Grazer. Everything's getting a reshuffle and there's an empty spot where a host […]

Eddie Murphy Follows Ratner And Walks From The Oscars

As many had expected, Eddie Murphy has decided to step down as host of next year's Academy Awards. This follows the resignation yesterday of his friend and collaborator Brett Ratner. The beginnings of this unraveling, you probably know, was a casually homophobic comment by Ratner during a Tower Heist Q&A last week. He used the […]

Brett Ratner Says The Word "Fags" And Loses His Job Producing The Oscars

It's been a busy week or two for Brett Ratner, gadding about town and promoting his new film Tower Heist. And he's done it in just the way you might expect: lying about who he has or hasn't slept with, using casually homophobic language, losing his job as producer of The Academy Awards. A few […]

Poster And Trailer For Tower Heist With Ben Stiller And Eddie Murphy

Here are the poster and first trailer for Brett Ratner's Tower Heist. I read a few drafts of the screenplay and, well, none of them were really quite right, but there were some fun situations and a lot of business that should come of well in the hands of a talented cast – which, give […]

Brett Ratner Pledges A Youngblood Audition To Wrestler Shad Gaspard

It's still an if, more than a when, but Brett Ratner is planning to bring Rob Liefield's Youngblood to the silver screen. Should that time finally rock around, he's even started filling up in audition dance card in preparation…. or maybe he's just being polite. The scene played out on Twitter, an exchange between Ratner […]

The First Time Henry Cavill Was Cast As Superman

The notably handsome and talented British actor Henry Cavill has been cast as Superman. Again. It's been a while since he last had the role and, of course, that film never made it into production, but Cavill was selected to play the orphaned Kryptonian and his bespectacled alter ego back when JJ Abrams had written […]