Brent Peeples

Ben Peebles Replaces Ben Oliver on Donna Troy Comic, The Infected: Deathbringer

Brent Peeples Replaces Ben Oliver on Donna Troy Comic, The Infected: Deathbringer

The Infected: Deathbringer, is the one-shot spinoff from Batman/Superman that featured Donna Troy as the latest DC character infected by The Batman Who Laughs, transformed into a Dark Multiverse version of themselves. The Infected: King Shazam was published today, to much praise. But it appears that although the comic written by Zoe Quinn was solicited […]

Titans #24 cover by Brandon Peterson

Titans #24 Review: Titans v. Tolkien

The Titans respond to a situation in San Francisco. Their detectors alerted them to more Source Wall energy landing in the city, but, upon arrival everything seems calm. An elderly man is sitting in the park without a worry or care to be found. However, Steel and Raven soon discover demonic beasts rampaging through the […]

Titans Special #1 cover by Brandon Peterson

Titans Special #1 Review: A New Era of Titans

The breach in the Source Wall is causing countless new and powerful metahumans to manifest around the world. After a failure to help one shakes him to his core, Nightwing knows it’s time for the Titans to be reformed. He goes to the Justice League, and they tell Dick that a new team will have […]

Super Sons #16 cover by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez

Super Sons #16 Review: A Charming Send-Off

Superboy tries to hold off Kid Amazo and free the incapacitated Justice League while Robin and Cyborg make their way to the Kid Amazo’s base of operations. Kid Amazo is drawing upon the power of the captured Leaguers, putting Superboy at a severe disadvantage. However, Robin, as he often does, has a plan involving Cyborg…even […]

Gold Key Alliance

Read Gold Key Alliance #1, Part of Dynamite’s Latest Digital Bundle

Dynamite Entertainment’s parent company, Dynamic Forces, is turning 25, and they’ve hooked up with Humble Bundle to create the Dynamic Forces 25th Anniversary bundle featuring a wide variety of comics from their long history. This new digital bundle features over 150 issues and three art books. Fans can pay what they want via the different thresholds starting today, […]

Phil Hester Tried To Get Dagar The Invincible Into Gold Key Alliance

Nancy Collins, writer of Army of Darkness: Furious Road #5, talks with writer Phil Hester about Gold Key: Alliance #4, both on sale now from Dynamite. Interiors by Brent Peeples and cover by Felipe Massafera . PHIL HESTER: Before she begins asking me questions, Nancy [Collins] and I need to perform the Secret Former Swamp […]

Phil Hester On Writing Dinosaurs When Your Kid Is A Paleontologist

Two of Dynamite’s writers have gotten together to talk about the comics they work on. Here we have Corinna Bechko, writer of Miss Fury, asking questions of Phil Hester about Gold Key Alliance. We also have cover by Felipe Massafera and interiors are by Brent Peeples and Morgan Hickman. CORINNA BECHKO: I have to admit to […]

Phil Hester’s Writers Commentary For Gold Key Alliance #1

A Writer Commentary: Phil Hester talks Gold Key Alliance #1, on sale now from Dynamite. Art by Brent Peeples. PAGE 1 I’ve always been a sucker for those John Byrne-style close up splash pages with a character uttering some shocking or intriguing line, so why not kick off the whole series with one? Samson not […]

Exclusive Extended Previews Of Gold Key Alliance #1 And Miss Fury #1

We have two exclusive extended previews for first issue comics this week from Dynamite Entertainment. We start off with one I’m really excited about, Gold Key Alliance #1 from Phil Hester and Brent Peeples. It modernizes and pulls together Turok, Magnus, Solar and the Mighty Samson. For me though, it is great to see Brent […]

Phil Hester Talks Modernizing Classic Heroes Like Magnus And Turok

Phil Hester talks Gold Key: Alliance #3, on sale in June from Dynamite. Cover is by Felipe Massafera. BYRON BREWER: Phil, was it tough to mesh these classic heroes together – especially since you are also introducing new iterations of them to a modern readership? PHIL HESTER: Well, since we made the fundamental change of […]

Phil Hester Talks Gold Key: Alliance #1

Writer Phil Hester takes the keys as Dynamite launches a new series starring the classic comic characters Magnus: Robot Figher, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Solar: Man of the Atom. Byron Brewer caught up with the writer about Gold Key: Alliance #1 and working with artist Brent Peeples. Cover art by Felipe Massafera. BYRON BREWER: This […]

The 10 Retailer Exclusive Covers For Today’s Red Sonja #1

There has been a lot of talk about the new Red Sonja comic from Dynamite. The series from Marguerite Bennett and Aneke features the newly redesigned and metal-bikini-less Red Sonja racing to save the King. The new issue hits stores today and we’ve seen the three main covers by Marguerite Sauvage, Jay Anacleto and Tula […]

Process Art For Comic Block’s Exclusive Red Sonja / Conan Cover

Here is the process art for Brent Peeples’ cover for the Comic Block exclusive Red Sonja / Conan #1 from Dynamite Entertainment and Dark Horse. This comic is included in the Comic Block shipping next week. For more information on how to get this cover, check out

Brent Peeples And Sergio Davila’s Process Art For Legenderry: Green Hornet

Here we have some process art for Legenderry: Green Hornet #5 from Dynamite Entertainment. The cover is penciled by Sergio Davila with colors by Ivan Nunes, while the interior pages are done by Brent Peeples with colors by Michael Bartolo. This is it–the climax to the action packed series! The Green Hornet and Brass Hornet throw […]

Artist Brent Peeples Talks About Drawing A Steampunk Green Hornet

With the upcoming spinoffs of Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure from Dynamite, Byron Brewer has talked to all of the writers, but now he sits down with artist Brent Peeples to talk about his take on the steampunk world of Legenderry: Green Hornet. BYRON BREWER: Brent, how did you get assigned to Legenderry: Green Hornet? BRENT […]