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A Look Inside the New Vampirella: The Dynamite Years Omnibus Vol. 2

It may be a slow week for Dynamite comics hitting the shops, but what is new is pretty cool. Vampirella: The Dynamite Years Omnibus Vol. 2 features a cover by Paul Renaud and stories written by Brandon Jerwa and drawn by Heubert Khan Michael and Patrick Berkenkotter. It comes in at 488 pages… so lots […]

Where In The World Is Brandon Jerwa’s Comic Book Documentary?

Any Glasgow / London comic pros wanna be in Brandon @Jerwa‘s UNTOLD TALES OF THE COMIC BOOK INDUSTRY documentary? Tweet him ASAP! — Andy Diggle (@andydiggle) February 28, 2012 great day filming @jerwa comics documentary with @BRIANMBENDIS and @takisoma — Oeming (@Oeming) February 19, 2012 I spent two hours talking about comics into an HD […]

Writer’s Commentary On Altered States: Red Sonja By Brandon Jerwa

Like a director’s commentary track you’d get on a Blu-Ray, here is the writer’s commentary track for Dynamite’s new Elseworld-like title Altered States: Red Sonja by Brandon Jerway. The art here is by Juanan Ramirez. PAGES 1-2 This “some says she died” riff has actually been bouncing around in my head since I wrote the […]

Exclusive First Look At Altered States Red Sonja

Dynamite has sent us some exclusive first look pages for their upcoming Altered States: Red Sonja comic written by Brandon Jerwa and drawn by Juanan Ramirez.Altered States is Dynamite’s Elesworlds or What If? comics and takes familiar characters and puts them in very different worlds. Sonja Majeure is a young woman with a great job, procuring reliquary […]

Dynamite To Publish Over-Sized Vampirella #100

Dynamite Entertainment has announced the January 2015 release of Vampirella #100, a giant-sized spectacular with writers Eric Trautmann, Brandon Jerwa, and Mark Rahner – three writers who have steered Vampirella in recent years, current ongoing series writer Nancy A. Collins and first time Vampi writer Tim Seeley. Vampirella is a raven-haired heroine who remains, even after […]

The Bionic Woman To Get A Fourth Season From Dynamite

Dynamite has just announced that after their success with The Six Million Dollar Man: Season 6, they will be doing the obvious next step… The Bionic Woman: Season 4. The new series will kick off this summer written by Brandon Jerwa, art by David T. Cabrera and a cover for issue one by Sean Chen […]

Mark Waid Talks With Brandon Jerwa About Vampirella

In our second day of Mark Waid acting as interviewer, he chats with Vampirella scribe Brandon Jerwa about the latest on the iconic bad girl and her Dynamite Entertainment series. Mark Waid: Brandon, let’s just assume I haven’t read every comic ever published. USE YOUR IMAGINATION! Now–tell me, a “new reader,” who Vampirella is in […]

Brandon Jerwa Talks Li’l Bionic Kids And Writing All-Ages Comics

Brandon Jerwa has written all kinds of work, but he’s not known for doing all-ages, kid-friendly titles… so how did he end up on Li’l Bionic Kids? Ande Parks asks him… Ande Parks: I thought your Li’l Bionic Kids comic was really fantastic. Charming and completely entertaining throughout. I’m curious how it came to be. […]

Mark Rahner On Handling Vampirella And Deja Thoris

Mark Rahner is currently writing two of the sexiest women in Dynamite Entertainment‘s line-up. Rahner talks to fellow Vampirella writer Brandon Jerwa about writing the iconic vampire and Deja Thoris as well as his future plans. BRANDON JERWA: This VAMPIRELLA special is the last installment in your “Vampi vs. Insert-Pop-Culture-Creep-Here” saga. Do the stories have […]

Exclusive Extended Previews of Bad Ass And Li’l Bionic Kids

We’ve got your exclusive extended previews from Dynamite of two books shipping this week: Bad Ass #1 by Hannah and Bessadi and Li’l Bionic Kids by Jerwa and McGinty. BAD ASS #1 (of 4) Herik Hanna (w)  Bruno Bessadi (a/c) FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Mature If Kick-Ass and Deadpool had a baby, […]

The Giant Interview For Li’l Dynamites

Waistcoat wearer and all around nice guy Tony Lee has been doing a few different peer-to-peer interviews with his fellow Dynamite Entertainment creators. Well, he got the mother-load assignment with his latest, interviewing just about everyone involved with the Li’l Dynamite five-week event starting off with the main man himself. TONY LEE: Nick, what made […]

From Out Of The Fog To Fighting Aliens – Brandon Jerwa Talks Vampirella

Brandon Jerwa has always written strong female characters well, from Scarlet, Lady Jaye and Baroness from GI Joe to Starbuck and Number 6 from Battlestar Galactica. So when his frequent writing partner was leaving Vampirella, Jerwa was the obvious choice to take over. Jai Nitz chatted with the writer about the latest collection Vampirella Vol […]