'Game of Thrones' End in Bran's [Isaac Hempstead Wright] Own Words

'Game of Thrones' End in Bran's [Isaac Hempstead Wright] Own Words

FIRST AND FOREMOST, if you haven't seen the finale, the VERY LAST EPISODE EVER of Game of Thrones, you have no business reading anything about it. That is to say, if you care about spoilers and all (seriously, you know who you are commenters who STILL CHOSE TO READ A THING LABELED THUSLY). Sorry for the […]

16 Gorgeous Covers from EW's All-'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Issue

The 8th and final season of HBO series Game of Thrones begins NEXT MONTH, and Entertainment Weekly just unveiled 16 gorgeous covers for their upcoming all-GoT 78-page issue. It's a hellova lineup: We don't know which one we like the most! Director David Nutter assures EW that fans won't be disappointed: "The fans will not be let […]

'Game of Thrones' Cast Plays Would You Rather for Entertainment Weekly

Who do you think would kiss Walder Frey rather than hug a man with greyscale out of the Game of Thrones cast? Thankfully for us, Entertainment Weekly decided to ask the cast just such a question in their Westeros installment of "Would You Rather":   The hit HBO series will return for it's 8th and […]