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Latest James Bond Production Blog Is About The Sets And Locations

Thanks to Ken Adam's iconic sets for the earliest James Bond films we think of the series as having benchmark production designs. I can't say that Quantum of Solace really lived up to that reputation, but Dennis Gassner's other work has often been outstanding and, judging from this video, he's giving the designs in Skyfall […]

On Set With James Bond In Shanghai

A lot of the B-roll in this new Skyfall videoblog was farmed out to media outlets and used in their set reports last week. Still, there's some new stuff, and the commentary is the point, really. Nothing earth shaking there. I suspect they're going to have to ramp these up somewhat after the trailer lands. […]

VIDEO: Stunts Go Wrong On The Set Of James Bond's Skyfall

Filming for the next James Bond film, Skyfall, has left the UK and headed to Turkey where some rather exciting stunts are being staged. As we understand it, the shooting in Istanbul is for the opening of the film, but you may consider this all spoiler material nonetheless, so read on, and play the video, […]

Another Skyfall Behind The Scenes Video – And Cast Interview-Lets

It looks Entertainment Tonight were on the set of Skyfall at the same time as the BBC, or were at least given the same b-roll footage from the studio. Still, there's new stuff too, and plenty of chat with the stars. This embed is a slightly shorter version than the one on the ET site. […]