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New Details Emerge on Amazon's $250 Million Lord of the Rings Series Deal

By now, we all know the headline: in November 2017, Amazon Studios spent $250 million to outbid Netflix for television series rights to J.R.R. Tolkien's world-renowned Lord of the Rings fantasy series. Produced in conjunction with the Tolkien Estate and Trust, publisher HarperCollins, and New Line Cinema, the project will explore new storylines preceding The Fellowship of […]

'Scream' Season 3: MTV Introduces Us To This Season's Victims/Killers

With production commencing in Atlanta on Monday, MTV has announced that Keke Palmer (Scream Queens), R.J. Cyler (I'm Dying Up Here), Jessica Sula (Recovery Road), Giorgia Whigham (13 Reasons Why) and Giullian Yao Gioiello (Julie's Greenroom) are coming aboard Scream for its rebooted/retooled third season. Queen Latifah will serve as executive producer, with Brett Matthews […]

Halloween To Move On From Dimension?

For the last twenty years, the Halloween horror franchise has been at home at Dimension Films, the horror-focused outlet of producers Bob and Harvey Weinstein. From Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers to the second of the Rob Zombie-directed reboots, Dimension has produced and distributed the films; both at the Weinsteins' original company, Miramax, and […]

Netflix Bait Their Weinstein Hook With The Artist

The Weinsteins have announced a deal with Netflix which ties up many of their foreign language and documentary films exclusively, and for "multiple years." Interestingly, they're baiting the hook with The Artist. Not only is this not a foreign language film nor a documentary, it's also the front runner at Sunday's Oscars, expected to pretty […]

Alexandre Aja Bringing Scanners To TV

What the world needs now is a bad Scanners TV show like I need a hole for a head. A good Scanners TV show, though? Well, of course. Who doesn't love the world created in David Cronenberg's classic movie of psychic warfare? Or, perhaps more properly, love to hate it? According to Deadline, Dimension have […]

Scream 5 Is A Sure Thing For Harvey Weinstein

I'd like a Scream 5, in theory, but the ending of part 4 seemed to wrap things up in such a way that any new episode could seem rather redundant. Or maybe there's some clever new twist I've just not thought of, a loophole through which the arc can be curved on further. I hope […]

Tom Hooper May Get Tulip Fever Next

There have been several attempts to bring Deborah Moggach's novel Tulip Fever to the screen, most famously in 2004 when a good-to-go production with Johnny in the lead role was shut down due to a change in UK tax regulations. That film was to reunite Shakespeare in Love's writer-director pairing of Tom Stoppard and John […]

Some Most Unexpected Sequels And TV Spin-Offs Are On The Cards

A new posting on the Miramax blog, written by none other than new CEO Michael Lang, reveals plans for sequels to some of the company's bigger hits and best known properties. To be developed in conjunction with The Weinstein Co., and building on the deal that has seen Scream 4, Spy Kids 4 and Scary […]