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Today, For The Comic Industry, Is #ThankYouBob Wayne Day

Today is DC Comics’ last day in New York City as the offices on 1700 Broadway close, the publisher relocating to Burbank/ It is also the last day for 77 DC employees who have declined to make the move west to Burbank. One is Bob Wayne, Senor VP Sales, leaving the company after twenty-eight years. A comic […]

Bob Wayne, Through The Decades

Yesterday’s DC presentation at ComicsPRO was also in honour of Senior Vice President and ex-comics retailer Bob Wayne, who is leaving DC Comics this spring after decades at the publisher when they move from New York Part tribute, part roast, he got quite the standing ovation. Photo from Calum Johnston. Follow more of our ComicsPRO Portland 2015 coverage […]

The Yellow Doc Martens Batgirl Is A Smash Hit

DC Comics Senior VP Bob Wayne is involved in what is considered a Farewell Tour. The face of the publisher to retailers for decades, he has chosen to leave DC when they move from New York to Burbank. He is currently at the Diamond Retailer Breakfast meeting at Baltimore Comic Con. There was rather an emotional […]

LIVE! From The Baltimore Comic Con Retail Breakfast

Bright and early on the first day of the newly expanded 3 day Baltimore Comic Con, retailers turned out to hear about new announcements from publishers and new tools from Diamond. The presentations opened with Diamond online developments to aid retailers, similar to the presentation delivered at San Diego Comic Con featuring sell-sheet generators. Launched […]

DC Comics Comic-Con Recap

DC Comics had a lot of great announcements and panels this year, but they were all with a bit of sadness as this is the last Comic-Con for Bob Wayne as DC’s Senior Vice President – Sales. Having been a comic retailer prior to his 27 1/2 years at DC, Bob has been the retailers […]

Bob Wayne’s Advice Regarding The Joker’s Mask And Harley Quinn Annual #1

Bob Wayne‘s last San Diego for DC Comics saw him give an energetic presentation to retailers at the Diamond Lunch. We’ve run a number of pieces, with more to come, but he did have a little advice for retailers regarding two upcoming projects. The Joker Mask is currently a San Diego Exclusive item, but he […]

The Comic Industry Reacts To… Bob Wayne’s Departure

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool broke the story that DC Comics’ longest standing executive, Bob Wayne, would be stepping down from the publisher when it moves from New York to Burbank. Reaction was swift, Bob Wayne and I started one week apart at DC back in '87. I know how tired I am now, and he's WAY […]

DC Villain’s Month Titles To Be Allocated By 40% In Some Cases

At the Boston Comicon, currently underway, I understand that DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio has been heard telling retailers that orders on the September “Villain’s Month” titles have been allocated up to 40% in some cases. For the month of September, DC are publishing a new style of 3D cover for every one of the […]

DC Digital Panel Recap Batman 66, Smallville, Vampire Diaries And More

Chris D’Lando writes for Bleeding Cool: DC Digital held a panel on Thursday to discuss the initiatives of their digital first line of comics. Moderator and DC SVP of Sales Bob Wayne began by pointing out that DC has a new digital release every day of the week. First up, Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs […]

Dan DiDio Parodies Panel Parity At Kapow

One of the odder moments at Kapow this weekend (and there were a number) was when Paul Cornell continued his commitment to panel gender parity (you can read about it here) and sat in the audience for the DC New 52 panel rather than sit on the all-male panel with Scott Snyder, Ian Churchill and […]

Kapow 2012: Before Watchmen

Rich Johnston is embedded at Kapow. Why not come by and say hi? I’m in the Captain Britain T-shirt… Dan DiDio and Bob Wayne have just presented the Before Watchmen panel at Kapow, giving us a first look at the Josh Middleton cover for Silk Spectre as well as some very brief, blurry looks at […]

Snippets from ComicsPro Annual Meeting 2012

This past weekend, I attended the ComicsPro2012  Annual Meeting. As mentioned elsewhere on Bleeding Cool this past week, ComicsPro is an organization that ties together a few hundred retailers from across the USA and Canada, giving each retailer more of a unified voice in the industry and a platform to exchange ideas. The weekend was […]

The DC Retailer Roadshow Hits London

Yesterday the DC Retailer Roadshow hit London, UK, at the Warner Bros HQ in Holborn. I know that because they wouldn’t let me in. Chiz, chiz, etc. Thankfully I had my people on the inside who reported on what went down… After a brief mingling session in the lobby the presentation began by going through […]

DC Announces San Diego Comic Con Programming

So, what is DC Comics up to over San Diego weekend? Let’s have a look at the panel programming, already being inserted into the Bleeding Cool Massively Updateable San Diego Comic Con Programming List… It looks like Bob Wayne is really earning his increase in salary… six panels Bob? Do you have enough dry wit […]

The First DC Comics Retailer Roadshow – And A Return for THUNDER Agents

The first DC Retailer Roadshow took place yesterday at Warner Bros in Burbank, as around twenty teams of retailers were ushered through security checks into the belly of the beast. Executive big guns Bob Wayne, Jim Lee, Dan DiDio, Diane Nelson, Hank Kanalz and John Rood were in attendance with Rood moderating. He did not […]

DC Comics Go On A Bus Trip To See Green Lantern

If you’re calling 1700 Broadway this morning, and no editor is taking your call, don’t worry, you haven’t been canned from the DC Relaunch and no one wants to tell you. It’s just that all the people left in the DC New York building have gone on a day trip, bussed out to a private […]

Bob Wayne And Dan DiDio Hit The Road

While tomorrow’s LA Times Hero Complex Film Festival will be a nice big public push for the new DC, and the new Superman comics, it looks like there will be a lot more behind the scenes meetings coming up. Between DC Comics and the comic book retailers. Across the country. Senior VP Sales, Bob Wayne […]