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Minor Progress Is Being Made On A New Star Trek Animated Series

The first Star Trek animated series may not have been the worst bit of Trek TV I have ever seen,* but I’d rather it remained a fading memory. I was going to hunt around on YouTube for a clip to put in this post, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do so. It’s late. […]

New Star Trek Game To Bridge Plot Between Movies, Be Canon

Who decides what is canon, and what is not? Bob Orci, co-writer of the JJ Abrams Star Trek and its upcoming sequel, has been speaking about the upcoming tie-in videogame, and addressing its relationship to canon: True fans will tell you that canon is only what’s filmed. I’m not an authority on what is canon. […]

Locke And Key Pilot To Play At Comic-Con

A week or so ago, Joe Hill announced via Twitter that the pilot for the Locke & Key TV show might get one public airing after all: Had word yesterday we’ll probably be able to show the Locke & Key pilot at SDCC. It’s not certain – things could change – but seems likely. This […]