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Review: KNOW! The Google Assistant Board Game By Ravensburger

We’ve had some pretty good luck with Ravensburger in the past when it came to board games, so we were stoked to try out a new one called KNOW! This particular game is a trivia challenge where you can use Google Assistant to play the game. But does the concept actually come out working alright? […]


Review: “The Chameleon” By Big Potato Games

One of the board games we recently received and had a chance to sit down and review with some friends was The Chameleon from Big Potato Games. We haven’t seen much from this particular company when it comes to games for review, so it was interesting to see a big multiplayer game come in the […]

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Review: “Jaws” The Board Game by Ravensburger

You know, of all the movies I never thought I’d be playing a board game of as an adult, one based on the ’70s blockbuster Jaws hadn’t occurred to me. It’s not like having a game based on Jaws is anything new. there was, in fact, a board game released in 1975 in time for […]

Hasbro Announces “Monopoly Voice Banking” Board Game

Hasbro is making a new change to Monopoly by creating a new audio-driven version of the game called Monopoly Voice Banking. The game will come with a small electronic voice banker which will essentially serve as an impartial third party to the side and handle a number of tasks in the game, as you use […]

You're Gonna Need a Bigger Table: Jaws Is Getting a Board Game

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Table: Jaws Is Getting a Board Game

You’ll soon have a new reason to fear to go into the ocean as Ravensburger have put together a brand new board game based on the movie Jaws. Coming up on nearly 45 years since the film terrified moviegoers into never going near an ocean again, the company will be releasing this brand new game […]

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Pearl Abyss Announces Black Desert: The Board Game

Today, Pearl Abyss announced they will be making a board game based on Black Desert, simply called Black Desert: The Board Game. You might read that and assume it’s an April Fool’s joke, but it’s not, as you can check out cover art as well as a fully produced game board and description below. On […]

Gale Force Nine Games Re-Releasing Classic ‘Dune’ Board Game!

When it was announced that Gale Force Nine Games had been awarded the license to create new tabletop and gaming products based in the world of Frank Herbert‘s creation Dune, we were super excited for all the possibilities. It never occurred to us that the deal might mean a re-release of the classic board game “Frank […]

Review: Lucidity: Six Sided Nightmares by Renegade Game Studios

It’s always a thrill to get a new game from Renegade Game Studios, and a while ago we were sent something that put a chill in out spine with Lucidity: Six Sided Nightmares. This is one of those small board games you pick up and you think it’s just going to be some weirdly constructed thing […]

Review: Shadows in the Forest

On a whim and a suggestion from Critical Role, we hit up the crew at Think Fun to see if we could possibly review their game Shadows in the Forest. The big selling point to this game that everyone was hyping was that it is a game that you play in the dark using the shadows […]

Ghost Stories For The Ages: We Review Betrayal Legacy

If you’ve had any experience with the Betrayal at House on the Hill series of games and need a new experience, Betrayal Legacy might just be what you need. Avalon Hill and Wizards of the Coast put together a brand new version of the game that does a lot more than have you explore a […]

Board Game Review: Explorers Of The North Sea

We’ve had a few board games sitting on our shelf for a few months waiting for a day to get extra players, and one we wanted to play badly was Explorers Of The North Sea. This is one of the few we’ve received from Renegade Game Studio, who have a great habit of creating fun games […]

Someone is Trying to Bring Back the Old Dark Tower Board Game

Do you remember the Dark Tower board game from that ’80s? It’s totally okay if you don’t because there’s a chance it could come back. Restoration Games are a company that works toward bringing back old board games from over the years that you may remember from your youth. The company already had success in […]

Trogdor!! The Board Game Receives Full Funding on Kickstarter

If you’re a fan of Homestar Runner, then you’ll be very interested to learn about Brothers Chaps and James Ernest’s latest project, Trogdor!! The Board Game. The group decided to put their latest game up on Kickstarter, which was inspired by a 15-year-old video about drawing dragons, to create this pretty cool and unique take on a dragon […]

Centipede board game

Checking Out the Board Game Version of Centipede from IDW Games

While I may not have been around to experience Centipede in its heyday, I can’t think of a gamer born before 1990 who didn’t experience this game in an arcade at some point. When you say Atari, this is one of the biggest games that comes to mind — it had a massive impact on […]

Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out

Reviewing College Missteps with ‘Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out!’

We’re slowly approaching PAX East in Boston next week, and as we prepare to head into the convention with hopeful eyes, it does have us looking back at some of the items we received during PAX West last September. One of those items was Now Everyone Get The F%$# Out! from Starcap Games. This is a […]

Time To Get That Blood Test: We Review The Thing – Infection At Outpost 31

When I first heard that Mondo and Project Raygun would be producing a board game based on John Carpenter‘s The Thing, I was both thrilled beyond delight and slightly terrified. Board games based on well-known properties tend to be hit-and-miss, especially when you delve into one with a specific storyline that has to be followed to conclusion. […]

Break Out The Measuring Stick: We Review Torres by IDW Games

IDW Games has an interesting set of titles at their disposal these days, both original works and titles based on established properties. When I saw my copy of Torres arrive in the mail for review, I was thrown back a bit as I’ve seen this game before. It was originally released back in 1999 and has […]

The ‘Resident Evil’ Board Game Nearing $1M On Kickstarter

Today, the creators of Resident Evil: The Board Game passed the 800k mark and are well on their way to earning one-million dollars to fund a campaign that only requested less than $200k to begin with. The fanbase for the series, much like the zombies, are totally rabid and want to see this thing made. Steamforged Games Ltd. […]


Sony Puts Offer On ‘Settlers Of Catan’ Movie Rights

Remember when Battleship got turned into a movie and we all made jokes about the next board game to get the order was going to be something silly like Jenga? Well, it would appear Sony is going in a different direction, and has made an offer for film rights to Settlers of Catan. Oddly enough, […]

Have I Got A Date For You! We Review ‘Red Flags’

A while ago I caught wind of this brand new card game from Starbound Games called Red Flags, the same minds who brought you Superfight (which we’ll discuss at a later date in great detail). After seeing some people play it for a minute, I had to see what it was all about and why […]