Totaku God of War Kratos Statue 1 gamestop

PlayStation Favorites Coming in New Mini-Figure Line at GameStop

Playstation favorites are going to be hitting stores shelves at Gamestop in late March. Running $9.99 a mini-figure, there will be seven figures in this first wave. The line is called Totaku, and stand at about 4-inches tall. All have fine details and come posed on a figure-related base. This initial wave will feature characters […]

Bloodborne TV Spot Sells The Hardcore To The Masses

It will be interesting to see how well Bloodbourne sells to the masses. It’s an exclusive on a console that desperately needs them, but it’s also positioning itself as a hardcore Souls-like game. Seeing how that mixes with the masses is going to be interesting. My guess is that it will be the best selling […]

Bloodbourne Reveals A New Electrifying Boss(SPOILERS)

I know people really value seeing the bosses in From Software’s games for the first time while they’re playing, so I will throw up a spoiler warning for those guys. Don’t tred forward if you want to be surprised by every boss in Bloodbourne. If you’re not so worried, follow me below the warning. The […]

Check Out A Selection Of Bloodbourne’s Brutal And Form-Changing Weapons

I’ve been saying it for a while now, I’m super excited about Bloodborne. I’m not the hugest Dark Souls fan, but the new sense of speed and offense that the game sports really changes the way you’ve played all those titles. I really think it could be special. One of the coolest ideas the game […]