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Beautiful Canvas #1 Review: Crimes Of Sound And Fury Signifying Nothing

Beautiful Canvas is a new crime (ish?) comic out this week from Black Mask Studios. I say “crime-ish” since it seems to have a crime story at the heart of it, buried as it is under a few layers of super powers, made-for-TV-movie characters and baffling dialog choices. (Seriously, can anyone tell me what “cloak my […]

A Tale Of Two Covers: Black #3 And Divided States Of Hysteria #4

Bleeding Cool has written extensively about the controversy surrounding Howard Chaykin’s Divided States Of Hysteria over the past few weeks. The book first came under fire in early June for an interior scene depicting the violent beating of a trans sex worker. Then, to close out the month, the book became embroiled in controversy again for […]

The Dregs #4 Review: Let’s Lynch The Landlord

Here’s the thing about the noir genre: regardless of what medium it arrives in, it’s incredibly difficult to pull off in the modern era (that goes for basically every “modern era” since the time of the original noirs ended about 50-60 years ago). If you look at noir in cinema, for every Chinatown or Brick […]

Black Mask Studios Announces The “CALEXIT: Comics Change The World Tour”

July 12th sees the launch of CALEXIT, a new comic book by Matteo Pizzolo and Amancay Nahuelpan from Black Mask Studios telling the story of the US’ most powerful state, seceding from the rest of the country, rather than be ruled by a tyrannical President. Which could never happen. The book is published a week before […]

Next Week, Black Mask Will Revive Classic Property 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank Again

Next week will finally see a new issue of 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, the classic Black Mask comic book from by fancy superstar writer Matthew Rosenberg, artist Tyler Boss, and letterer Thomas Mauer. Originally launched back in April 2016, when Barrack Obama was president and Ethan Van Sciver still had a Twitter account, […]

Efficiency And Progress Is Ours Once More – The Dregs #1 Review

I love Black Mask comics. It’s no secret. I dig on companies and people with ethics (which is part of the reason I idolize Chris Roberson) and more than that I dig people who use their storytelling abilities to try to get out something more than entertainment. That being said, it’s a tricky line to […]

The Godkiller Secret Item Sold Out Last Week

The Final Order Cut-Off for the Local Comic Shop Day items is today. But the Godkiller Secret Item from Black Mask is already well oversold and will be allocated. Even though no one has a clue what on earth it is. The only clue I’ve been given is that… it’s not small. LCSD 2016 GODKILLER […]

Extended Preview Of New Black Mask Series, The Forevers #1, On FOC Today

The San Diego Comic-Con preview edition of The Forevers #1, the new comic from Black Mask Comics by Curt Pires and Eric Pfeiffer‘s new Black Mask book has just sold for $99. If you want a copy for a little less than that, the Final Order Cut-off date for issue 1 is today. Pires’ previous Black Mask comic […]

4 Kids Walk Into San Diego Comic-Con And Make Bank – Over $350 Worth

Black Mask Press have become masters at the making of collectibles for comic book conventions, especially those written by Matthew Rosenberg. And San Diego Comic-Con 2016 has been no exception. Tomorrow’s Ashes #1 has sold for $50 Young Terrorists #2 has a confirmed sale elsewhere of $30. The Forevers #1 has a confirmed sale elsewhere […]