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Howard Chaykin And The Trans Image: Obsession With A Theme

We’ve discussed, seemingly at length, about the controversy surrounding Howard Chaykin‘s latest work, the Image Comics release The Divided States of Hysteria; its inclusion of graphic trans panic violence, released on the first week of Pride Month and even with the option of a Pride Month variant cover, and Image Comics lack of response or […]

A Black Kiss Christmas Special…. In July

Looks like we may have another fight with UK Customs on our hands! Image Comics are putting out a new Black Kiss Christmas Special by Howard July. Because… comics. Falalalala lalalala….

Black Kiss 2 Now Also Banned In Canada

Bleeding Cool has comprehensively covered how Diamond UK have decided not to distribute Black Kiss 2 in the UK after its first issue, over fears of actions by HM Customs that would delay all the comics being distributed in this fashion. We’ve now learned that Canada too will also not be receiving the comic book […]

Diamond Comics Bans Black Kiss 2 In Britain Permanently For Fear Of Customs

Bleeding Cool first told you that Black Kiss 2 #1 by Howard Chaykin was going to be more sexually explicit than many had previously thought, then that it  had been held by UK Customs, while Diamond UK negotiated a release the week after, with a note to retailers reminding them of the adult nature of […]

Black Kiss 2 Comic Held By UK Customs

Was it something I said? I had an inkling that this could happen. And after reading the comic in advance, that inking became a little stronger. I have been told by a number of UK stores that the new Black Kiss comic by Howard Chaykin, Black Kiss 2, due to be published tomorrow by Image […]

Black Kiss 2 Is The Most Explicit Image Comic Book To Date

I remember the days when Steve Geppi used to rail against the portrayal of a birth in Miracleman as the kind of content that Diamond should not distribute. (They did distribute it.) When Howard Chaykin’s Black Kiss was published, it was published by a minor publisher and distributed in sealed bags to as not of […]

Brian Michael Bendis Thanks Howard Chaykin For The Blowjob

Here is the introduction to the Art Of Chaykin by Howard Chaykin, published by Dynamite this week. It is written by Brian Bendis, better known for comic book fare of a less salubrious nature than some of Howard’s work that he celebrates… You can preview the artwork here…

Howard Chaykin To Create Black Kiss II

It’s not quite as controversial as it was when first published. Indeed, compared to some popular titles it seems quite quaint. Black Kiss with its bleak human outlook, full frontal transexual nudity, dirty talk and blow jobs caused an uproar when originally published in the eighties in its thin, black and white floppy format, bagged […]