The Bioshock Collection Has Been Rated In Brazil

The Bioshock franchise is one of my favorites. It's hard to say what the future of it looks like though as Irrational Games have now downsized to a tiny crew who are now working on something new. It seems that while the future is unclear, you'll soon be able to revisit the franchise's past. As […]

Bioshock Creator's Next Game Will Be 'Highly Creative And Innovative'

We've been slowly drip fed details about Bioshock creator Ken Levine's next game. We know it has something to do with a sci-fi setting and 'fluid relationships' that change in ways that aren't similar to Telltale's, but that's about it. Well, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick appears to have pretty big creative hopes for the title. […]

The Bioshock iOS App Is Coming Back

The other day, I wrote about the the loss of the Bioshock app on iOS platforms. It seemingly disappeared without warning, after not working with recent iOS updates. At that time a representative of 2K said the game was gone, and they apologiesed for it. It seems they may have spoken too soon though. In […]

Bioshock iOS Port Has Been Entirely Delisted On Stores

Bioshock for iPhone and iPad always seemed an incredibly weird concept ever since it was announced. As it turns out, the game was not very good at all either, with limited control schemes on the touchpad and significant;y downgraded visuals. The game has actually been more or less unusable for a while now too. Ever […]

The Bioshock Collection Turns Up On South African Retailer

For my money, the Bioshock franchise is one of the very best FPS series out there. Despite Bioshock Infinite having its detractors, I think it is an excellent game that acts as a brilliant support for the first classic. It seems you might be able to play all the games in the series soon on […]

This Is What The Protagonist Of Bioshock Looks Like

One of the most interesting uses of an FPS protagonist in the last 10 years is Irrational's original Bioshock. If you still haven't played that game, I won't spoil it, but your actions as the character in the context of playing a game have fascinating consequences. Yet, we still have never had an official look […]

2K Say That Bioshock Is Still A "Really Important" Franchise For Them

When Irrational Games broke up after the release of Bioshock Infinite, the future of the franchise seemed to be in flux. With the iconic studio now out of the picture, where exactly did that leave Bioshock going forward? We still don't know that answer, but perhaps we will not so long from now. Gamespot reported […]

Bioshock Creator's Next Game Is Looking At Narrative In Interesting Ways

Ken Levine is one of the most recognizable game designers out there. As the mind behind Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite, he's one of the West's most distinct gaming 'autuers'. His games have always been rich with story and strict narratives, but he has been talking about his next game in more abstract and fluid ways. […]

Take A Look At This Fan Recreation Of Bioshock In CryEngine 3

Bioshock, as a series, still remains one of my all time favorite first person shooters. It really is one of the finest examples of story telling in the genre. If you go back and play it now though, it's hard to not notice it could could use a lick of paint. I'd love to see […]

Check Out This Concept Art From The Cancelled Bioshock Movie

The story about the development of the Bioshock movie is an interesting, but ultimately disappointing one. The film is pretty much dead now, but every once in a while something rises to the surface giving us a glimpse at what could have been. The film went through a couple directors, but the most prominent was […]

Ken Levine, Creator Of Bioshock, Hints At Radical New Game

It's not often audiences remember the names of game directors. There are of course recognizable names like your Kojimas and Miyamotos, but it's rarer in the West. One of the biggest exceptions to that rule is Ken Levine. The director's work on Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite speaks for itself on a narrative level and I'll always […]

Bioshock Cosplay At New York Comic Con… And The Black Glove

June Vigants writes, I made a point to seek out Bioshock cosplayers throughout the NYCC weekend. They appeared every so often but when they did, there was an absolute attention to detail and often I noticed they had come together, either cosplaying as friends in a group or attracting each other when sighting the familiar […]

From Game To Film – Are We Losing Our Adventures?

By Phil Harris With last week's announcement that The Last of Us was to get the movie treatment a larger portion of the gaming community groaned. This, coupled with the suggestion that Minecraft would also take the trip to the silver screen simply added to the incredulity. But why shouldn't the practiced auteur of Hollywood […]

Bioshock Not-So-Infinite After All – Irrational Games is Shutting Down

By Daniel Celko The studio responsible for the iconic Bioshock series is "winding down" as announced by Ken Levine, co-founder of Irrational Games. In his public message on the Irrational Games site, Levine stated that he wishes to move in a new direction with the games he creates: To make narrative-driven games for the core […]

DC Direct Vs Mass Effect 2

There seems to have been a bit of a ding dong between DC Direct, the toy/statue manufacturer part of DC Entertainment, and Bioware, develpers of the Mass Effect games over the Mass Effect 2 figures. Originally scheduled for August 2010, the first series was pushed back to February 2011, and now pushed back again to […]