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It's A Peter Pan Pile-Up

There are numerous Peter Pan projects doing the rounds in Hollywood right now, all with their own specific take on JM Barrie's classic tale. I'm sure that most of them will never go into production, but one or two may well. Working from a list in The Hollywood Reporter, here's a little compare-and-contrast of the various potentials […]


24 Movie Is Hanging In Limbo No Matter What Kiefer Sutherland Says

Speaking to TV entertainment magazine Extra, Kiefer Sutherland said that he expected the 24 movie would be shooting by year's end. Sounded fishy, or at least wishy, and it turns out that Fox are distancing themselves from the comment already: Unfortunately, Kiefer is overly optimistic. The project is still in development, with no director attached. All […]

Tony Scott To Direct The 24 Movie? Apparently He Has An Idea…

Any interest I had in the big-screen movie of 24 was related to Billy Ray, the man originally tapped to write its screenplay. His record with political and conspiracy thrillers is pretty solid, and his own film Breach in particular is rather compelling, exciting and provocative stuff. It's about as far removed from 24 as […]