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Hannah Blumenreich, Writer of IDW’s Big Hero 6 – But Not For Long, If At All

Hannah Blumenreich is the Ignatz award winner for Outstanding Online Comic, Full Court Crush, about a girl helping the basketball player she likes with her homework. She has also written and drawn for Regular Show from Boom, Spider-Gwen and Amazing Spider-Man from Marvel,  She is also the author of IDW’s Big Hero 6 comic book, […]

Howard Starl's Moment of Glory From Big Hero 6

Howard Chaykin’s Moment of Glory From Big Hero 6 With Monark Starstalker

From last week’s Marvel Comics #1001, full of one-page vignettes that didn’t make it into Marvel Comics #1001, but provided the meat for the Masked Raider time-twisting sandwich of that issue. Monark Starstalker by Howard Chaykin. The one person he knows is his creator, Howard Chaykin himself – who celebrated his birthday yesterday. Monark Starstalker […]

Take A Gander at Big Hero 6’s San Fransokyo in Kingdom Hearts III

Square Enix has revealed official gameplay for the Big Hero 6 level of Kingdom Hearts III, which takes players to the futuristic city of San Fransokyo. The cast of Big Hero 6 that will join Sora and his friends includes Hiro Hamada, Honey Lemon, Go Go Tomago, Wasabi No-Ginger, Fred, and Baymax. However, the Big Hero 6 gameplay reveal […]

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts 3 Has a Release Date- January 29, 2019

Kingdom Hearts 3, the long, long delayed game from Square Enix, will finally be released. Announced late this evening, and two days before Square takes the stage at E3, the game will hit Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles on January 29, 2019. The announcement was made at the premiere of the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra […]

IDW Unveils Plans for Big Hero 6 Comics by Hannah Blumenreich and Nicoletta Baldari

Disney may own their own comic book publisher in Marvel comics, but it seems like the House of Mouse might not view Marvel as being well-equipped to produce comic books geared at kids. We’ve seen Disney outsource its all-ages Star Wars comics to rival publisher IDW, along with comics based on classic Disney characters, Ducktales, and […]

Big Hero 6 The Series Gets Premiere Date from the Disney Channel

There has been talk of Big Hero 6 The Series coming to Disney Channel for quite some time. Loosely based on the Marvel Comic, the Disney animated feature did well in the theaters, and a small-screen adaptation started. In November of last year there was an hour-long Baymax Returns adventure, but we didn’t have any […]

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Nerd Food: Happy National Hot Chocolate Day from Disney — with a Recipe!

Man, I love these weird holidays that have zero impact on our daily lives. But they’re fun to celebrate, and when they’re celebrating food, then why not?! Disney Springs is celebrating National Hot Chocolate Day with The Ganachery, and oh my word, they look amazing! What's the best way to celebrate #NationalHotChocolateDay? With a warm […]

Disney Pint Size Heroes and Star Wars Pop Three Pack Are Coming From Funko

Disney and Star Wars seem to have new Funko products announced constantly. Today is no different, as Disney characters come to life in a new wave of Pint Size Heroes, and the Death Star crew gets time to shine in a brand new Pop three pack. First we will look at the Walmart exclusive Death […]

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IDW Working On Big Hero 6 Comic Series With Disney

We’ve got some breaking news out of the IDW panel at New York Comic Con tonight. IDW has announced plans to publish a Big Hero 6 comic with Disney. The announcement follows a partnership earlier this year with Disney to publish Star Wars comics aimed at kids, one which continues to expand, and they’ve long […]

‘Big Hero 6: The Series’ Gets Super Sneak Preview From Disney XD

Disney treated Big Hero 6 fans to an extended sneak preview of the continuing adventures of Hiro, Baymax, Fred, Go Go, Honey Lemon, and Wasabi from the new Disney XD animated series. And from what we can see in the following clip, sometimes something as simple as an espresso or cappuccino can require a little more […]

Big Hero 6

Watch The Big Hero 6 Animated Series Clip From SDCC

Check out this exclusive scene from Disney XD‘s upcoming Big Hero 6 series — coming Fall 2017 — featuring Hiro and Baymax battling booby traps. This footage was showing at the San Diego Comic-Con today and has now been released to the public. The new series is based on the 2014 film from Disney, which […]

Watch The Credits For Disney’s Big Hero 6, Ahead Of Fall Debut #D23

At the Ducktales panel at D23 this weekend, Disney revealed the opening credits for Big Hero 6. Though the show’s first season won’t debut until the Fall, Disney has already re-upped it for a second season. Check it out: Disney XD’s animated series Big Hero 6, picks up immediately following the events of the Walt […]

Big Hero 6 Series Get Season 2 Renewal Before Season 1 Debuts

The new Big Hero 6 series doesn’t make it’s debut until the fall, yet Disney XD has already ordered a second season. This might be the record for the earliest renewal ever. The series picks up immediately after the award-winning 2014 film leaves off, showing the adventures of tech genius Hiro, his robot Baymax, and their […]

Big Hero 6 Series Set For Disney XD

The adventures of Hiro and Baymax will continue as TVLine reports a sequel series to the 2014 feature will air on Disney XD next year. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to further develop these characters into a world class animated series,” said Disney Channel President Gary Marsh in a statement. The film, based on […]

Kingdom Hearts III Will Feature A Big Hero 6 World

Today, during a panel at D23, it was announced that Big Hero 6 will be a world explored in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III. The property now joins Tangled on the confirmed list of places you’ll be able to explore in the Square Enix cross over, and honestly, I think it makes a lot of […]

Netflix Daredevil Leads Disney Push On Broadcast Sales

During the Disney Investors Call taking place this today, Disney stated they are impressed with the increase in program sales for the company, thanks to Daredevil, the Netflix Marvel show starring Charlie Cox, already ordered for a second season, looking well for their other Netflix series to come. Referring to their broadcasting division, the report states Operating income […]

Big Hero 6 Comes Back To Comics With Joe Books

After their 100,000+ selling Frozen cinecomic, in which the publisher takes screencaps of the movie and creates comic books out of them, Joe Books is doing the same with Big Hero 6, with Jeremy Barlow writing the adaptation. Out at the end of May… If Marvel is unwilling to make comics out of their Oscar-winning […]

Academy Awards

A Few Thoughts On Last Night’s Oscars

I hadn’t planned on watching the Academy Awards last night. It’s been years since I felt the academy’s choices were relevant to the films I enjoyed. But I was stuck in a room with someone who was watching it and just gave into all that is Neil Patrick Harris. Here are some of the thoughts […]