Defenders #3 Review: A Beautiful Piece Of Comics

Defenders #3 is the next part in our little story of the Netflix Marvel heroes adventures in the Marvel Comics Universe. This comic could have come across as a crass cash cow tie in, but instead, it is very quickly becoming a book I eagerly anticipate each week its out and an example of the […]

I Can Seuss With My Eyes Shut! No, You Really Can’t

Guardians of the Galaxy #16 is part of Brian Michael Bendis‘ swan song on the series, with each issue focusing on a different member of the Guardians as they find themselves trapped on Earth. Which in itself is a slightly weird high concept, given that various organisations and individuals on Marvel Earth are capable of […]

Brian Bendis Invites America To Let Healing Begin By Buying His Comic

Superstar Marvel Comics writer “The Great One” Brian Bendis isn’t one to let a good crisis go to waste. As most of the comics social media sphere struggles to come to grips with the results of last night’s election, Bendis wasted little time pivoting toward self promotion. On his Tumblr this morning, Bendis wrote: WELL, THE HEALING […]

Marvel Brings Back The Gold Foil Cover For Age Of Ultron #1

  The gold foil cover. Used to be a familiar sight on the stand in the days of the speculator boom. And now, as we’ve welcomed the return of the die cut cover and the gatefold cover, here comes the gold foil cover. Embossed has to be just around the corner, doesn’t it? Here’s a […]

Marvel Reprints Two Jim Starlin Thanos Stories In Comic Form For September

The last we heard from Jim Starlin was annoyance that he didn’t even get an invite to see the Avengers movie, featuring his own Thanos in the end credits In September, Jim Starlin, the creator of Thanos – recently revived in the Marvel Universe in Avengers Assemble – is kicking off two new reprint series. […]

Joining The Dots On The Avengers Assemble Big Bad…

You have been warned. This is a spoiler warning. It is there for a reason, because it concerns The Avengers movie and the comic book Avengers Assemble #3. In fact, the movie is called Avengers Assemble in the UK, which might make this doubly confusing. But make no bones about it, in this post, part […]

Bendis And Oeming Relaunch Powers As “Powers FBI”

This is the year that saw Brian Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming’s Powers return after a bit of a TV-imposed sabbatical. But with the future of the television version slightly up in the air, it’s time to focus attention back on the comic. In July, Marvel will publish Powers FBI #1, alongside the new Powers […]

Review: Avengers Vs X-Men #1 – The Message Is Not Everything

This is what you might call a critic-proof book. No matter what I say, enough of you are going to buy this comic. And those who weren’t were probably never going to. Tonight, tomorrow, whenever, it will end up in your comic collection alongside the first issues of Blackest Night, Fear Itself and Schism. So […]

Thursday Trending Topics: Bendis, Simonson, Avengers

Nobody doesn’t like those rather wonderful Avengers #25 pages that Marvel sneak previewed today,  written by Bendis and drawn by Walt Simonson. Walt, good to have you back. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Everybody Stop And Look At Walter Simonson’s Artwork For Avengers #25  As you were. STOLEN: Trailer With Thousands Of Avatar Comics And Graphic […]

Thursday Trending Topics: Age Of Ultron

The world needs more Ultron, just as much as the world needs more Doctor Doom — which is quite a bit indeed.  There’s divided opinion on this one in the forum, but since I missed it the first time and I’ve been a huge Ultron fan since I first put together the classic Avengers run, […]

Tuesday Trending Topics: Getting Ready For The Year Of The Avengers

You knew this was coming, but with 2012 now just a few days away, you can hear the rumbles of that Avengers Machine (no, not the Vision) gearing up.  We’ve got this Avengers vs X-Men series, Bendis leaving Avengers and New Avengers — with all kinds of stuff blowing up between now and then, sounds […]

It’s Still Coming

Last month, Bleeding Cool reported that a major project from Marvel would feature the five architects of Marvel – Hickman, Brubaker, Aaron, Bendis and Fraction – and that Olivier Coipel may be lined up as an artist. Today, at the Cup Of Joe panel at New York Comic Con, that looked rather confirmed. It’s coming. […]

Thursday Trending Topics: Bendis vs Drudge

It’s been a banner year for mainstream coverage of comic books, and in particular, mainstream political coverage of comic books. But even in a transitional era during which many mainstream outlets still use Bam Biff Pow headlines on comic stories, it’s been interesting to see how political pundits have treated our characters as almost living […]

Bendis And Bagley Make Me Cry Like A Little Girl

I rarely cry at TV or movie shows. Last time I blubbed properly was watching Doctor Who: Father’s Day with my three month old daughter in my arms. There was a certain welling up during Tom Stoppard’s Rock’N’Roll play. But it’s a rarity. But I’m not sure if it’s ever happened reading a comic book […]

Hey Chicago, Who Wants To Be A Policeman In Powers?

FX are going to be filming the pilot of Powers, based on the Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming comic book, in Chicago between July 12th and the 30th. And they need people to play policemen. We will need lots of POLICE (M/F) for both of our upcoming projects .  We want to use […]

Bendis Has Big Plans For Daredevil This Fall

I’ve seen a couple tweets mentioning that the USA Today story that breaks this news might contain spoilers. I’m not sure I see anything there that won’t be pretty widespread soon, but proceed with caution if you try to avoid such things. But it looks like Daredevil is going to be back front and center […]

Brian Bendis, Writer Of The Marvel MMO Game

He co-created the Ultimate Universe for Marvel, spending over ten years on Ultimate Spider-Man. He rewrote the Avengers for the 21st century. He wrote the Secret Invasion event and wrote a defining run on Daredevil. And he’s now writing Marvel animation and movie stuff. And now he’s been announced as the head writer of the […]