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44Flood’s First IDW Project Has A Bite – Libretto Volume1: Vampirism

According to 44Flood, “A libretto is a text used in an extended musical work like an opera or musical, usually distinct from the music”, and they are taking this principle and applying it to an art anthology from gallery art work to comics panels, all based on quite a varied theme they handle broadly, allowing […]

Ben Templesmith’s Art Love For Twin Peaks

Artist Ben Templesmith has been fired up about drawing Twin Peaks material.  Could it be that he’s heard the announcement of David Lynch’s additional footage being filmed for the show, probably for the Blu-Ray edition (As reported on Bleeding Cool here)? And the first thing Templesmith thinks of? BOB. And then all art breaks loose. His […]

From Comic Book Artist To Organic Ice Cream Guy…

Back in 2001/2002 when I was first getting into freelance writing I was working for a small comic news site that I had created and ended up interviewing Steve Niles. This was about 6 months before the 30 Days of Night movie deal. He was hyping the Image Comics series Fused and once done he […]

Ellis Tells Us The Fell #10 Script Is Done, But…

In his new newsletter Orbital Operations, Warren Ellis caught his fans up on some of his current projects including the long waited for next issue of Fell with Ben Templesmith. FAQ: Ben’s had the FELL #10 script for a couple of years, but his life is massively busy and complicated. I know he’s broken ground […]

Why Ben Templesmith Left Ten Grand And Why He’s Now All About The Squidder

New York Times bestselling comic book artist and writer Ben Templesmith has won the Spike TV Scream Award, the International Horror Guild Award and frequent Eisner nominations for his work. As one of the four co-founders of dark art collective, 44FLOOD, along with Kasra Ghanbari, Nick Idell and menton3, Templesmith has been part of the […]

Ben Templesmith’s Squidvision Updates

Ben Templesmith has something in the works… and a catchy tune. On his tumblr feed he says “The Squidder is coming along”. Turns out its for a graphic novel Templesmith is doing through 44Flood and Kickstarter. The project has already met its goal and then some… but there are some awesome rewards still available. This how the book […]

44Flood – Ghanbari, Templesmith And menton3 – Partner With IDW Publishing

The artist collective known as 44FLOOD has, in its short history, acquired a reputation for producing exemplary art books. Today, IDW Publishing has announced that going forward, 44FLOOD books will be joining the IDW family! Based in Chicago, 44FLOOD was formed by Kasra Ghanbari,Ben Templesmith, and menton3. Together, 44FLOOD has produced the multi-media, star-studded anthology TOME, which was […]

Ben’s Okay, Folks.

After today’s earlier reported news that Ben Templesmith was to be dropped from the Image comic book Ten Grand after he didn’t respond to communication from Image or the book’s writer Joe Michael Straczynski, naturally, some people were concerned. Including us. Earlier tonight, Ben did reply to emails I sent to him, assured me, and […]

Templesmith Vanishes From Ten Grand, Replaced By CP Smith

When J Michael Straczynski decide to relaunch his Joe’s Comic line, it was with Ben Templesmith on art for their flagship titles Ten Grand. As of this evening, that has changed. According to an announcement On the Fan’s Of J Michael Straczynski facebook page Templesmith has been out of communication for over a month and has now […]

Long Rumored Simon Bisley Series Comes Out Digitally

Fans of Simon Bisley have been waiting for a long time for his 13 Coins project. Once scheduled to be a graphic novel back in October of 2010, it is now being released as a six-part series by Corinthian Productions as a digital download this October at New York Comic-con. The series is still being written […]

Tattoo Time: Ben Templesmith And Xochitl Gonzalez

  This is Ben Templesmith and this is one of his biggest fans, Xochitl Gonzalez, at the Phoenix Comicon. What she is showing off, and what Ben Templesmith is pointing towards, is his artwork blazoned across her chest. According to Warren Ellis’ site, it’s not the only Templesmeith tattoo she is wearing either. Some people […]

Aim Your Ire Up: Occupy Comics #1 Review

Louis Falcetti writes; It’s important to look beyond the obvious when we’re reading the books we love or watching the shows we adore. It’s not our fault that we get excited and miss the forest for the trees. Or maybe just glade for the clearing? We’re definitely missing something a lot of the time (sometimes). […]

When Occupy Comics Occupied Forbidden Planet, New York

By Hannah Means-Shannon The much anticipated first issue of Occupy Comics published by Black Mask Studios reached shops in digital and print format on Wednesday May 22nd, bringing with it the promised chock-a-block contributions from remarkable creators in the field supporting the mission of the originally Kickstartered project: to “attempt to add the voices of […]

Ben Templesmith’s Cover To Warren Ellis’ Dead Pig Collector

Warren Ellis writes; You did not see this.  This was never here.  This is certainly not the original raw art for the cover to the forthcoming ebook single DEAD PIG COLLECTOR what I wrote, by the brilliant Ben Templesmith.  Dearly beloved, I was never here and this certainly didn’t go out to you first.

Orbiting Around The Movement

[audio:] Chris Thompson writes; Welcome to Episode 111 of The Orbiting Pod! This week, we go on the pull with Transformers Spotlight: Hoist #1, lose the flak jackets for Suicide Risk #1, get mobbed up with The Movement #1, pay our dues with Ten Grand #1, go on patrol with The Activity # 12, head […]