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Siren Season 1, Episode 8 ‘Being Human’ Review: Tragic Loss, Hard Truths for Xander

Welcome to our “Lucky #8” edition of Bleeding Cool‘s weekly recap/review of Freeform‘s Siren, Eric Wald  and Dean White‘s mermaid fantasy-action drama. After last episode’s tragic ending, ‘Being Human’ brought us a Bristol Cove gathered together to bury one of their own. Xander (Ian Verdun) is forced to deal with a heartbreaking loss – and some shocking truths. But even in […]

Doctor Who Writer To Reboot Metal Hurlant Chronicles

This story is kind of important to me having worked on the first two seasons. Doctor Who and Being Human writer Jamie Mathieson has signed on to reboot the sci-fi series Metal Hurlant Chronicles. The Twilight Zone-style anthology aired in two six-episode series that went form deep space to the old west to a bomb […]

Canadian Television To Aggressively Participate In And Cover Fan Expo Canada

Space, a Canadian Category A specialty channel featuring sci-fi, fantasy, horror and paranormal programming has announced today that they will not only be covering the Fan Expo Canada running August 22nd – 25th, but they are also providing some of the guests that appear on their network. Cast members from Orphan Black, Being Human and […]

Interview With Being Human’s Newest Lead, Kate Bracken

Warning: this interview contains spoilers for Being Human, up to and including Series Four. Being Human has just been greenlit for a fifth series, which will begin shooting later this summer. This seemed like something of an inevitability, after 1.12 million Brits tuned in to watch the fourth season opener in February. At some point […]

Two New Shows from the Makers of Misfits, The Fades, and Ghostwatch

Fellow Brits, riddle me this bit of nonsense: If the BBC is our Aunty and the Americans are our cousins, where in the family tree goes BBC America? Well, whatever the exact genealogy of the matter, BBC America are keeping it in the family, teaming up with some of Blighty’s best producers of genre TV […]

Lenora Crichlow Talks The Athletic Dream In Interview From Fast Girls Set

What with all this cold weather about, it’s about time to start looking forward to the summer and the London 2012 Olympics, even if the English summer can often be difficult to distinguish from the English winter. My enthusiasm for sports in general is roughly congruous with my enthusiasm for cabbage that has been left […]

Being Human Already Down One Vampire, Now Down One Werewolf

In a recent interview with the Guardian , Russell Tovey, one of the stars of BBC3’s Being Human told the paper that the upcoming fourth series will be his last. The end of the previous series had already seen Aidan Turner as the house’s resident vampire leave the land of the…well, the undead, I suppose, […]

Swipe File: Miracleman Vs Being Human (SPOILER)

Here lie spoilers. Massive spoilers. Spoilers not only for the ending of the penultimate episode of Being Human Series 3, but also, I suppose for Marvelman/Miracleman if you’ve never read it. So, going forward in this Swipe File, I’m going to presume you have encountered both. If not, please leave until you have. Because this […]

L’il Being Human

As SyFy starts their own American Being Human version, last night, the Red Button service on BBC3 delivered an interesting postscript to the new episode of the original British version. A character introduced in the new series, the forty-six year vampire Adam, trapped in an unaging fourteen year old body, got his own spinoff series. […]